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  • Event manager is the controller that controls the event based plugins it makes it easier to produce event based plugins and start them automatically at Configured starting times, Eventually i will have a better description someday.

  • Automatically Starts Event's within a configurable Min / Max minute range i.e you can configure it to start events from between every 30 - 50 mins or every 40 mins if you set min and max to 40 and so on.
  • Gives teleported event players Equipment / weapons / items can be fully customised in Configs and each event has the ability to select a random gear / equipment's for each event started and it will be unique to the round everyone has the same random gear
  • Automatically equips weapons to quick slots (auto gear equip may come later if i work out how)
  • Can run custom game mode events in specified positions of the map
  • Ability to Join / Leave the Event Queue to be Teleported to the event arena preconfigured in the Event type plugin
  • Checks if players are naked before entering
  • Apply's fair hp, melee, speed limits and resets them back later
  • Overrides death so players don't actually die but instead are removed from the event and given full stats back
  • Players are teleported back to where they started from
  • Checks if the player is riding a dino if so refuses if the event type does not allow dinos that is
  • Makes it so much simpler for other c++ developers to make event types this will save them weeks of work.
  • Players Inputs are disabled for 30 seconds when teleported to the start of the event they cant move this is normal i added this for people with slow pc's that may not arrive at the event area instantly
  • While players are waiting for the 30 second fight they cannot damage each other
  • Has the ability to support Team / Dm / any kind of event to be made with it but c++ knowledge is required
  • Supports multiple spawn locations so players don't spawn on each other
  • Fully customisation Messages

Upcoming features / Bugs:
  • Prevent players building around event protected structure area's
  • Cap Stanima
  • Prevent hp from regaining past 100 (if possible)
  • Limit max players allowed in event (optional)
  • Make it easier to protect the event structure perhaps a command you type in the middle then you got to the very corner outside and type another and it will print the distance and position needed for the config
  • Prevent dino's on players shoulder from being teleported with the dino.
  • Eventually work out how to unmount from a dino and still take to the event (if joined the queue)
  • Kill Feed

Chat Commands:
  • /join - Players use this to join the event queue when a event is started
  • /leave - Players can use this to leave the queue
  • /tpos - Output your current position (Admin)
  • /emreload - Reload Event Manager Config

Console Commands:
  • cheat StartEvent - Force start a event when one is not running

if you have any feature idea's don't be afraid to comment them but be aware i will be doing other event types as well like tdm, boat wars, clan wars, cops & terrorists so no need to mention them.

Any donation is much appreciated and very helpful towards the upkeep/creation of the plugins i provide, Plugins take time to create some hours some days and I keep 99% of them open source for others to learn from.

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Awesome plugin!, please add a option to disable the fair player stats nerf ;D
Muy bueno. deberías agregar los comandos en la configuración. para que puedan ser usados en otros idiomas.
Using this Plugin for GamingOGs server. Works awesome! Thank you!