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Discord Integrator 1.3.3
- Greatly improved the included default regexpressions.
- Made it so admins that are logged in do not get auto muted. They still receives messages as if they are (perfect for testing...)
- Made it possible for optional message to be sent to people writing the banned word.
- Added optional webhook for logging automutes. So that u can see what people wrote etc, to get them muted.

Discord Integrator 1.3.2
- Added ability to auto mute. Either by Reg Expression or a simple case insensitive Contains() check

Discord Integrator 1.3
- Fixed [] when in no tribe - Fixed smiley related bugs
- Made it so players cannot use their own color formatting
- Added ability to mute players. Mutes global, local and voice chat.

Discord Integrator 1.2.3
- Fixed so chat colors gets updated on config reload.
- Made it so autoroles are automatically executed 10 seconds after a player sends the 4 digit auth code to bot.

Discord Integrator 1.2.2
- Fixed reloading config breaking MySQL connection permanently.
- Should not show log of commands executed from Discord anymore.

Discord Integrator 1.2.1
- Added 2way Admin channel on Discord. (this requires bot v.0.2.6)
- Added config to hide/show the map name, both for in game, and the discord webhook.
- Requires config changes.
- Added reloading of config while running:
cheat DI.reload
rcon: DI.reload
- Made Raidwarning compatible with any ORP... Will no longer send raid warning when structures are 100% ORP protected.
- Fixed double post to Discord of login data when players transfer servers.
- Fixed double auth
- Fixed cross tribe chat when servername has only korean letters. (would fix any servernames where there's only utf8 letters)
- Fixed those nasty '

Added: - ability to log players login and out to discord via new webhook - Ability to restrict raidwarning to members of specific groups

Config change:
"RaidWarningRequiresPermissionGroups": "vip,vip2,vip3",
"LogPlayerLoginAndLogoutDiscordWebHook": "webhook for discord player log here",

doesn't need to be added

but new feature will not work without. if you want everyone to have raid warning, just leave it blank: ""
Added clustered tribechat
-See discord for all changes.
Total rewrite of whole underlying functionality.
- Now supports as many clustered servers as you'd like
- Depends on MySql.
- Works in Atlas too, but missing tribenames.
- Colored nicknames tags and message.
- Crosschat not using RCON. Fully working with colors.
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