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When this plugin wants to completely work, it's great!
The plugin half of things is fine. We experience no lag from having a cross-cluster chat system despite our MySQL database being on a separate machine from our servers, which I've found has been the case with similar plugins out there.
However, while I want to be able to give this plugin 5/5 stars. I can't.
The bot that comes with this plugin is designed to give Discord features that integrate with the plugin on your server(s) but lately our bot hasn't been working at all. As in, won't stay loaded for more than a few hours before it crashes for some unknown reason.
I say "unknown reason" because there is no logging available at all with the bot program. Yes, there is a log tab on the bot program but it doesn't do anything. The only reply I've gotten out of Wooly on the matter is "It can crash if it loses connection to MySQL" but without any logging data or otherwise we can't confirm or deny if that's the case. Why is there a log tab if there is absolutely no logging on the bot?
What's more, I more times than not am waiting a week or more to hear the simplest replies that are entirely unhelpful on the whole matter on the Discord. Which of course raises more questions in which I wait another several days to hear back. Sadly general discussions gets more attention than any help channels do and it's incredibly frustrating to have paid over $50 USD for a plugin that doesn't function as a whole and the support is much less than desirable.
I get Wooly has a life and things happen, but it's incredibly frustrating to feel ignored entirely while we're having discussions elsewhere in plain view but you're virtually ignored and shrugged off.

If you're OK with the Discord Bot portion may or may not be working for some unknown reason that it can't tell you about (because again, there is no logging available to enable) and you're only using this plugin for a cross-cluster chat system, this is a good, reliable one.
But to have your cluster-chat link to your Discord (or any other Discord connection) and only have it half-working is incredibly frustrating. Especially when your players are used to it working for months, only to later have to tell them it's suddenly no longer cooperating on a daily basis.
I'm sorry about the crashes, but I cannot provide support for all kinds of specialist VM systems. There's too many environmental variables involved here. Neither can I know exactly what is wrong with your system making it crash.
Thank you great job!
An amazing plugin that works flawlessly. Took a small while to learn to setup but was easy and works great.
This mod is amazing. The plugin dev does answer any questions you have, I would love to see better documentation for dummies like me. Still would recommend this plugin.
Probably the most supporting plugin developer you will find, he stays with you till you and him know the plugin is working fine.
instant reply to get set up, clear installation instructions no problems so far :) great plugin thanks
works as expected and has tons of features
This plugin is the best out there for the money. The dev truly cares and it shows! Hes constantly making updates and improvements to this plugin for the better!
The best plugin I have ever installed :) the developer helps immediately and responds very quickly. after a few minutes reading it was also very easy :)
quick response, wooly troubleshooted crashing issue with other mod dev to get things working properly. easy to setup and this plugins cross server chat actually works with discord.
Super fast response times!! great author highly recommended
The best plugin without a doubt, the creator answers quickly, and helps you. Very professional.
This plugin is amazing, auto role's, cross chat, coloured names and chat and with a dev that is super responsive this plugin is going to be amazing, get it now!
It's a very good plug-in. It works perfectly with the discord
Amazing guy! Very talented! Awesome stuff!