[Discord Bot] ARKFUN | ArkShop Points gambling | Jackpot, roll the dice

[Discord Bot] ARKFUN | ArkShop Points gambling | Jackpot, roll the dice 3.4

ArkFun BOT
ArkFun is a discord bot that allows players to gamble ark points, look at their amount of points and have fun from a Discord server!
  • A plugin (free), DiscordAddon, is required in you servers.
  • I host the Discord BOT, but for you to use it, a webserver is needed. Don't worry, that is what you will download after paying for the license, and there is where your config files will be. It is very easy to install and all steps are detailed below! You need somewhere to host it, such as a dedicated server, a VPS, etc. If you hist in in the same placen that you host your arkservers, you can use sqlite instead of mysql (not recommended anyways). If you don't have where to host it, you can use http://glitch.com/ but security and performance is not guaranteed.

Bot installation and config
  • I can install everything for you through TeamViewer if you buy the bot, but you may need to wait.
- Download and install NodeJS https://nodejs.org/dist/v12.13.1/node-v12.13.1-x64.msi
- Once node is installed open a command prompt (console), type or copy this text and hit enter: npm install --global pm2 (that will manage the webserver once you get the bot working, PM2 = Process Manager 2)
To take into account: if any file inside the bot's folder gets modified, it will be restarted to apply changes in config, so please do not add any databases inside that folder!

Bot Download and set up:
- Download the lastest version.
- Extract the folders in the desktop (or where you want to).
- Your files will look like this:

Config: any change in config will restart the app, without needing to do it manually. - Before starting the bot, there are two files to config:

secretconfig.json: you must set your data in this file because if you don't the bot is not going to work on your server. This file will never be sent to the bot, your data is safe in there. If you are not sure of this, check the source code of index.js
config.json: this config is optional, everything have already been set up for you, but if you want to have a customized experience there are a lot of things you can change in here, such as cooldowns, messages, min and max bets, server logo, etc!

Plugin: DiscordAddon Download it from https://arkserverapi.com/resources/discordaddon.154/ and configure it before next steps!

Starting the webserver: double click the start.bat file, this will start the server and open it again in case it crashes (rarely)
- This will open a webserver in port 3000, listening to requests from the bot.
- Make sure you have port forwarded the port 3000 in your server and enabled it from firewall.
- If for some reason you want to watch the logs, open the console (terminal) and type pm2 logs
- You won't be able to see the server running anywhere, to check its status open the console (terminal) and type pm2 list.

Invite the bot to your channel: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=655136189539549187&scope=bot&permissions=805563504 After following all these steps, you have to contact me so I can authorize your channel!

config.json (this config will be sent to the bot in commands execution)
"verify": {
"Enabled": true,
"UserNotFound": "⛔ Your Discord account is not linked to the ARK server. Please use the command **/verify {usertag}** in the **in-game chat**. You will get a secret code, once you get it, please come back and use the command **.verify <code>**, example: .verify 8556",
"NotFoundFooter": "After these steps your account will be linked.",
"Success": "✅ {usertag}, your account **was successfully linked**!",
"SuccessFooter": "Account successfully linked.",
"AlreadyVerifiedTitle": "Your account was already verified",
"AlreadyVerifiedDescription": "{usertag}, if you think this is an error, please make a support ticket!",
"TryToVerify": "⛔ {usertag}, your Discord account is not linked to the ARK server. Please use the command **.verify** to get more information about this!",
"WrongCode": "🔒 {usertag}, the code you provided is wrong! If you can't remember it, please use the in-game command **/resetdiscord** and repeat all the steps!",
"VerifyImageLink": "https://images.emojiterra.com/twitter/512px/1f4bb.png",
"AdminSuccess": "you have successfully verified {usertag} with the steamid {steamid}"
"resetdiscord": {
"Enabled": true,
"Success": "😄 {usertag}, you have successfully reseted your account and can use the **.verify** command again!",
"NotVerified": "⛔ {usertag}, your account was not verified, maybe you should try the **.verify** command instead!"
"points": {
"Enabled": true,
"DirectMsg": "You have {points} points!",
"SentByDM": "💰 {usertag}, the amount of points you have was sent by DM!\n\nIf you have your PM's blocked, please enable them and try again.",
"Footer": "These points can be used in the in-game shop!",
"PointsImageLink": "https://dunb17ur4ymx4.cloudfront.net/packages/images/41c8794a6a378913f66c7c594eb584f4e12807d4.png"
"jackpot": {
"Enabled": true,
"Cooldown": true,
"CooldownInSeconds": 60,
"CooldownMsg": "{usertag}, this command has a **cooldown** of 60 seconds!\n\nPlease try again later.",
"UsageMsg": "{usertag}, you must follow the following **syntax** to try the Jackpot Machine!: **.jackpot {points}**, example .jackpot 50\n\nDepending on you luck, **you can multiply your points by this amount**:\n\n🍒🍒🍒 | **x30**\n🍇🍇🍇 | **x20**\n🍉🍉🍉 | **x10**\n🍍🍍🍍 | **x5**\n",
"UsageFooter": "Feel lucky? Try it out!",
"MinPointsToBet": 15,
"MaxPointsToBet": 150,
"WrongAmount": "your bet must be between 15 and 150 points!",
"TripleCherryMultiplier": 30,
"TripleGrapesMultiplier": 20,
"TripleWatermelonMultiplier": 10,
"TriplePineappleMultiplier": 5,
"ResultingEmojis": "**Result**: ",
"WinMsg": "Congratulations {usertag}! You have multiplied your points by **{multiplier}**x resulting in a **total of {points} points**!",
"LoseMsg": "{usertag}, you **lost your points** :cry:, want to give it another **try**?",
"JackpotImageLink": "https://images.emojiterra.com/mozilla/512px/1f3b0.png"
"roll": {
"Enabled": true,
"Cooldown": false,
"CooldownInSeconds": 60,
"CooldownMsg": "{usertag}, this command has a **cooldown** of 60 seconds!\n\nPlease try again later.",
"UsageMsg": "{usertag}, you must follow the following **syntax** to roll the dice!: **.roll {number from 1 to 6}**, example **.roll 3**\n\nBet cost: **{cost} points**\nIn case you win you would **multiply** your points by** {multiplier}x**, resulting in a **total** of **{total} points** 🤩",
"UsageFooter": "Feel lucky? Try it out!",
"PointsToBet": 100,
"Multiplier": 5,
"ResultingNumber": "🍀 **Resulting number**: ",
"WinMsg": "Congratulations {usertag}! You have multiplied your points by **{multiplier}**x resulting in a **total of {points} points**!",
"LoseMsg": "{usertag}, you **lost your points** :cry:, would you dare to give it another **try**?",
"RollImageLink": "https://images.emojiterra.com/google/android-pie/512px/1f3b2.png"
"others": {
"ServerName": "ArkFun",
"ServerLogoLink": " ",
"CooldownTitle": "Cooldown",
"NotEnoughPoints": "you don't have enough points to execute that command!",
"DisabledMsg": "that command is disabled in this server!",
"NotJoinedAfterWipe": "you were not found in the points database, maybe you haven't joined the server for a long time?",
"PointsUpdatedFooter": "Your ingame points have been updated!",
"AdminDiscordID": [
"NoPermissions": "you do not have permissions to do that! If you are an admin, add yourself to \"AdminDiscordID\" in bot config."

secretconfig.json (this config will NOT be sent to the bot, it will remain local)
"ArkShop": {
"MySQL": true,
"DoNotChange": "arkshopplayers",
"mysqluser": "admin",
"mysqlpass": "pass",
"mysqlhost": "localhost",
"mysqldb": "test",
"SQLITEpathIfMysqlFalse": "C:\\Users\\facul\\Desktop\\ArkShop.db"
"DiscordAddon": {
"MySQL": true,
"mysqluser": "admin",
"mysqlpass": "pass",
"mysqlhost": "localhost",
"mysqldb": "test",
"SQLITEpathIfMysqlFalse": "C:\\Users\\facul\\Desktop\\DiscordAddon.db"
"port": 3000,
"secretkey": "secretpasshere ask it to faka"

Bot ShowCase (open to see examples!)
Please notice that you can edit all bot texts and messages, and these are default values, even images and logos. In these example I'm using my servername (Venom Network) and my logo.








  • License is attached to Discord server ID, and cannot be changed by any reason.

  • If you have questions before or after buying you can join my Support Discord https://discord.gg/BYY43PC
  • I try to pay as much attention to this forum as I can, but you will probably get a faster answer in Discord!
Digital product
License duration
6 Months
19.99 EUR
Renewal price
14.99 EUR
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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  2. V3.3

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  3. Fixed small bug

    - Fixed small bug reported by an user.

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