Dino Tracker

Dino Tracker 1.95

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The plugin is awesome, the only thing is so far with some dinos it doesn't work, like pteranodon, or argentavis, i don't know if it's only me or there are others with the same problem :(
Try ptera or argent if you are searching for the dino nametag
simple and works
Awesome Work Foppa! Love to get those old good plugins updated.
Np :D
Exactly as advertised, perfect :)
Thanks! :)
Muito bom este plugin! Melhorou muito as coordenadas para crystal. Ainda precisa de um leve ajuste. Lat sempre ocorre um erro de 2. 71 para 69. Longitude perfeita! Obrigado
Alguien podría ayudarme de como buscar mi argentavis? No me funciona con los argentavis pero otros dinos si me da el listado de todos los que tengo.
Everything is very good except the MAP Crystal Isles, which is not accurate
Works perfectly. Such a time saver for server admins!
Thank you :)
Worked excellently on crystal isle mod, looks like it's coords are inaccurate on official release though. Any way for this to be updated?
It will be updated soon, just waiting for some verification on if it's the map from WC that needs a fix first!
Doesnt work on the dino Im standing right next to.. Did this stop working?
it does work, but without information how you are doing it's hard to know exactly what went wrong for you.
Updating requires shutting down server to update .dll. Unavoidable i guess. Is now working with all maps, but must unload and reload plugin even after restart server. Does occasionally stop working and must unload and reload plugin again to get it working. unsure why.
Never heard of that problem on any kind of plugin. Either it's loaded or it's not. Think you have some issue on the server, can't replicate what you are saying. :)
Simple, fast and accurate. If any issues, fast updates. Amazing!
very cool!
Blummin excellent.

The issue with the Center can be sorted with a little maths.. worked out by one of the members of my server:

Lat (Tracker - 13.7) * 0.834586
Lon ( Tracker + 16 ) * 0.83388
Don´t work good on The Center, for other maps are a good plugin!
Does what we needed it to on my cluster. I love that fact that I didn't have to add another mod. Additionally, you can swap the Lon / Lat positions, which is what my player base is accustomed to seeing (Lat / Lon). The most difficult part is remembering the name of your dino. :P
Super plugin! Unfortunately it does not work properly on some maps (The Center & Mod Map Olympus show wrong coordinates). But for other maps a great plugin!
awesome plugin! now when people say "admin help me find my dino" i tell them to use the command :D! added it to our cluster
Works Great.