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We have spent much time to really make the whole plugin much easier to use and simpler to understand by implementing a better way of searching which will always display something instead of an empty result. The whole code has been rebuilt from scratch and tested thoroughly, and we received positive feedback from it. For example, you can now use /track to list the name of all your dinos on the map and browse through the different pages. You can do a partial name search for your own dinos, so /track breed would let you locate a dino named "Breeder M". You can use friendly names when searching for a specific species of dinos, for example /track bulbdog (or /track bulb) will let you locate your bulbdogs, instead of having to find the correct Dino Tag.

Upcoming Premium Features:
  • Wild Dino Tracker
  • Tracking Arrow
  • More to be announced
Free Features:
  • Auto map coords detection
  • Track tames
  • Admin track tames
  • Simplified search engine (search on dino name, dino type, dino friendly name)
  • Search results notification list + pagination system
  • Customizable search results (colors, distance, coords, level, etc)
  • Customizable commands
  • Customizable messages
  • ArkShop integration
  • TokenBank integration
  • Permissions integration
Chat Commands:
  • /dt.reload - Reloads config
  • /track - Tracks your tamed dinos
  • /trackadmin - Tracks any tribe dinos for admins only
  • dt.reload - Reloads config


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    Completely reworked the whole concept and logic New search engine Search results in...
  2. 1.95

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  3. Dino Tracker Update 1.9

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Latest reviews

Supported Plugin Token Bank?
The plugin is awesome, the only thing is so far with some dinos it doesn't work, like Bulbdog
Guess you are going to like the next version even better!
Works very well on the DLC maps. Though mod maps it returns 0,0 for the coords quite often but distance works. So may be hit or miss depending on the map devs coord handling.
yes in 2.0 Version it will work for modded maps better. But as stated in the description we only support the listed ones! :)
The plugin is awesome, the only thing is so far with some dinos it doesn't work, like pteranodon, or argentavis, i don't know if it's only me or there are others with the same problem :(
Try ptera or argent if you are searching for the dino nametag
simple and works
Awesome Work Foppa! Love to get those old good plugins updated.
Np :D
Exactly as advertised, perfect :)
Thanks! :)
Muito bom este plugin! Melhorou muito as coordenadas para crystal. Ainda precisa de um leve ajuste. Lat sempre ocorre um erro de 2. 71 para 69. Longitude perfeita! Obrigado
Alguien podría ayudarme de como buscar mi argentavis? No me funciona con los argentavis pero otros dinos si me da el listado de todos los que tengo.
Everything is very good except the MAP Crystal Isles, which is not accurate