Dino Passive Protection

Dino Passive Protection 1.4

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For any questions, please reach out through discord as I'll answer there far faster than here.

This plugin is free and open sourced. All future updates will still be maintained by me. Be sure to join the Discord: barnwellrd's ArkApi Plugin Discord!

  • Provides passive dino protection
  • Customizable config
  • Dino blacklist, Structure whitelist, and Inventory whitelist
  • Clean Plugin! Don't like it or having problems?? Remove it at anytime with no issues.


  "General": {
    "EnableConsoleDebugging": false,
    "RequiresPassive": true,
    "RequiresPassiveFlee": false,
    "RequiresNoRider": true,
    "RequiresNoInventory": true,
    "RequireNoSaddle": true,
    "RequiresNotFollowing": true,
    "RequiresIgnoreWhistle": false,
    "RequiresNeutered": false,
    "MinimumHealthPercentage": 90.0,
    "RequiresNoNearbyEnemyStructures": true,
    "MinimumEnemyStructureDistanceInFoundations": 15.0,
    "RequiresNotTurretMode": true,
    "ProtectBabyDino": true,
    "EnableDismountTimer": true,
    "DismountTimerInSeconds": 60,

    "MessageTextSize": 1.3,
    "MessageDisplayDelay": 5,
    "MessageColor": [

    "DPPChatCommandPrefix": "!dpp",
    "PassiveProtectedDinoMessage": "This dino is under Passive Protection!",
    "UnprotectedDinoMessage": "This dino is NOT under Passive Protection!",
    "NotTribeSameMessage": "This dino is not in your tribe!",
    "NotADinoMessage": "This target is not a dino!",
    "NotADinoOrStructureMessage": "This target is not a dino or structure!",
    "DPPInvalidCommand": "Invalid chat command!",

    "DinoNotPassiveMessage": "Dino not set to Passive Aggressive.",
    "DinoNotPassiveFleeMessage": "Dino not set to passive flee.",
    "DinoHasRiderMessage": "Dino has a rider.",
    "DinoHasInventoryeMessage": "Dino has items in its inventory.",
    "DinoHasSaddleMessage": "Dino has a saddle equipped.",
    "DinoFollowingMessage": "Dino is on follow.",
    "DinoNotIgnoringWhistlesMessage": "Dino is not ignoring whistles.",
    "DinoNotNeuteredMessage": "Dino is not neutered.",
    "DinoBelowMinHealthMessage": "Dino is not above minimum health.",
    "DinoNearEnemyStructureMessage": "Dino is near enemy structures.",
    "DinoInTurretModeMessage": "Dino is in Turret mode.",
    "DinoIsBlacklistedMessage": "Dino is a blacklisted dino.",
    "DinoRecentlyDismountedMessage": "Dino recently dismounted.",

    "DinoBlacklist": [

    "StructureWhitelist": [




    "InventoryItemWhitelist": [



Chat Commands:
  • !dpp status ~ Gives the player a notification with their dino's DPP status and lists one reason why if not protected
  • !dpp getpath ~ Gives the player the plugins blueprint path for a dino or structure. ALWAYS use this command to get your DPP config blueprints (most spawn BPs will not work with DPP, sorry )

Admin Commands Console:
  • cheat DPP.Reload ~ Reloads config and updates protection on the new config settings

Admin Commands RCON:
  • DPP.Reload ~ Reloads config and updates protection on the new config settings

  1. Install ARK: Server API V3.2
  2. Copy the "DinoPassiveProtection" folder to "/ArkApi/Plugins/"
  3. ??? (Customize your config)
  4. Profit!?!


  • I am testing and DPP is not working for me, what do I do?
    • Enable logging via the config and reload to troubleshoot, otherwise follow the instructions in my discord to submit a bug report.

  • Why won't my whitelisted structure or blacklisted dino blueprint work?
    • Some spawn blueprints are different than the paths the plugin can see. Always use the "!dpp getpath" command to get the blueprint path of your dino or structure that will work for DPP.

  • Why am I getting a 1114 error?
    • There is an error in the config file. Make sure the JSON is correct using JsonLint, the {} and variable names match the default config, and the config.json file is UTF-8 encoded

  • I have provided the structure blueprint paths for all vanilla and S+ foundations in the default config.
    • Remember to use the "!dpp getpath" chat command to determine the blueprint path you should use to whitelist any other structures!

  • DinoBlacklist is a blueprint list of dinos that will never be protected

  • StructureWhitelistis a blueprint list of all structures that will be considered as enemy structures when checking for nearby structures.
    • Any unlisted structures will be ignored.
    • This means with the default config, only a nearby enemy foundation listed will stop protection from becoming active.

Known Issues: V1.4
  • Structure Whitelists can cause lag when bloated or a large amount of enemy structures are in the "MinimumEnemyStructureDistanceInFoundations" radius.
    • Likely causes: large amount of structures in whitelist or in scan radius of dino
    • Current solution:
      • Keep list as short as possible (under 50 is recommended)
      • Set "MinimumEnemyStructureDistanceInFoundations" to a lower number if still seeing issues under 50 whitelisted structures

***Due to the nature of the plugin triggering every time a tribed dino takes damage, the above issue may not be 100% resolved. Shotgun, explosive, and large swipe damage on dinos near a LARGE amount of enemy structures (1000+) are the only likely times this will be an issue as they trigger calls several times a second when causing damage to nearby dinos.

***Also note that the structure and dino list check will not happen on a dino that does not meet all other requirements for protection. Keep that in mind if you are experience lag, since you can enable more requirements to reduce even more structure and dino list checks.

***If the current version of the plugin does not resolve the lag issues to a more reasonable degree, the Structure and Dino lists will be removed.
GitHub: barnwellrd/Dino-Passive-Protection
Donations: Paypal.me!

****For bug reports, please post in the dpp-bug-reports channel on my Discord****
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