Dino Limit

Dino Limit 1.9

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  • Compiled with latest API 3.5
  • Fixed Soul Trap (An update of the mod changed where the blueprint path was stored)
  • Potential fix for when it didn't count for players without tribe
  • Fix a rare crash scenario when using Dino Limit with other dino related plugins.
  • Fixed minor restriction issue
  • Fixed issue where you could claim unclaimed rafts and ignore the set limit.
  • Fixed issue where you were able to spawn in rafts and the spawning prevention was ignored but the raft was still counted. (Problem introduced in version 1.5)
  • Fixed issue where you were able to get into a state where you couldn't eat/tame or do anything if your limit was over set value.
  • Fixed issue when passive tames would just increase the global limit for each taming interval if anything of your limit was over set value.
  • Fixed issue throwing cryopods/soulpods allowing limit bypassing.
  • Minor fix when reached limits you were unable to equip weapons and other items.
  • Added confirmation reply when reloading config
  • Added UpdateDinos as RCON command
  • Changed reload command to "dl.reload"
  • Fixed tribe merge issue
  • Added ItemMap to support spawning Dinos/Rafts from items in inventory. (Such as Consumables and Tokens)
  • Added option "ShowLimitsType" to change between old and new display styles.
  • Added option to change color/size and scale on new display style.
Note: This update requires config update!