Damage Control
  • Re-Uploaded due to incorrect config included!
  • Minor compatibility fix
  • Fixed Wild dinos vs Players (typo)
  • Added New Function: Structure vs Structure (Example: It supports adjusting damage with C4 vs foundations)
  • Added Spam filter when using AllowDamage function
  • Added Spam filter when using Max Distance function
  • Fixed Damage Numbers Structures vs Structures when matched with a BP
  • Fixed Damage Numbers Globally vs Structures
  • Fixed Incorrect Config array name for Structures vs WildDinos from "Wild" to "WildDino"

    Note: This update requires config update!
  • Fixed Damage numbers showing all over the map
  • Added an option to change the range. However, it will default to 25000.0 if no value set, which is just outside rendering distance.
  • Added Option to change displaying of Damage Text per blueprint or globally.
    Note: For this to work properly you need to turn off the built-in ark parameter for Floating Damage Text (ShowFloatingDamageText=false) Now you can turn off those spammy damage numbers from turrets if you want to, or make it your way. Just add the blueprint to the config and control it!

  • Fixed Player vs Player control - logic wasn't applying damage multipliers
  • Fixed Tamed Dinos vs Player control - logic wasn't applying damage multipliers
  • Added Player vs Wild Control
  • Added Tamed vs Wild Control
  • Fixed where you needed to have a value on "MaxDistance" to make the multiplier work.
  • Added Explained config