Cross Server Chat

Cross Server Chat 1.7

No permission to download
it's a shame they let this plugin die
Maybe to make way for paid cross chat plugins
have had no problem with this for 3 years looks like when I upgraded API it stopped working, it's loading just fine in the server cmd window, all Rcon is connecting and there are no errors
Don't work ...
OwnProx, I just realised almost all of my plugins are made by you, and they are all superb, this one in particular, is 1st class, I love how it does not use the horrible large yellow RCON text, I will upgrade shortly to support your development, thanks a lot for your contributions!
perfect for us!
We use this Plugin in 8 Server Cluster (Genesis2 included) easy to install and no delay
отличный чат, всем советую!
Hello All,

Since no one is posting how to setup properly. I will tell you guys how i set it up on all my 22 ark servers and also post my settings.

"CrossChatMapNameOverride":"The Island ",

CrossChatKey: put in your admin password that you set in ASM / GameUserSettings.ini

RconServers: use your LOCAL IP address of your computer. and your rcon portnumber.

CrossChatMapNameOverride: For showing the correct name of the map in chat.

This is the only correct way to setup !
Have fun :)

Greetings Aorus Ark Servers
Good. Congratulations
"03/03/21 12:10 [RconCrossServerChat][error] Failed To Connect To Ark Server Rcon Error: 0"

Read through the entire discussion thread to figure out what others did to fix it. One size does not fit all. Does not work on my 10 map cluster no matter what I do.
Excellent work. Whats the name of the command you use to send message to other servers So I can filter it to not show on some other "logs plugins"?
Good plugin, easy to set :)
可以的 优秀的插件, 他正常工作 ,但是配置文件有坑 不能多加逗号 不然会报错
It's not perfect, very rarely drops messages (but it does on the rare occasion). It's free though, so, can't complain. Thanks OwnProx
Took some playing with the config, but finally got this working. Once up and running it simply does what you want it to. Global chat is now cluster-wide. Thanks!
Bad description, had to look in discussions in order to understand how to configure it. once i did manage to config it, one message from any server and one only would go well, and then server crashed.
Error: 10053 Help PLZ
Does this plugin use the awful text that RCOON does? When sending a message via RCON? Or does it use the same type of Chat text as usual?

Great plugin.
Only problem wat i have is the function to Extinction map is it not working.
not working.Trying all