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Command Logger 1.0

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  • Sends all console "cheat" commands made by admin in-game to discord
  • Sends all /<commands from Chats to discord
  • Sends all commands from RCON to discord
  • Shows the Position where the command was executed (Optional)
  • Shows what SteamID that executed the command (Optional)
  • Custom Filter to reduce spam (Leave blank to log everything, getchat, listplayer and test is hardcoded to be ignored)
  • 3 different Webhooks URLs or use the same to log everything in one channel
  • Supports Unicode names/commands
  • Super Simple setup! (No database, no extra application, just simple webhook integration!)
Known Issues:
  • See Discord.
Chat Commands:
  • /testcmd - Send a test msg to discord
  • /cl.reload - Reload config
Console Commands:
  • cl.reload - Reload config
RCON Commands:
  • cl.reload - Reload config

Config Example:
  "General": {
    "SenderName": "YOURSERVERNAME" // What bot name should be shown in discord
  "Webhooks": {
    "Chat": {
      "Enable": true, // If false no chat will logged, if true chat will be logged.
      "Filter": [ "/shop", "/buy", "/kit" ], // Filter out commands you don't want to be logged, if empty everything will be logged.
      "ShowSteamId": true, //If the command logger should expose the user's Steam id
      "ShowPosition": true, //If the command logger should expose the user's Position X Y Z Format.
      "URL": "YOURWEBHOOK!" // The dedicated webhook for Chat logging
    "Console": {
      "Enable": true,
      "Filter": [ "cl.reload", "dl.reload", "sl.reload" ],
      "ShowSteamId": true,
      "ShowPosition": true,
      "URL": "YOURWEBHOOK!" // The dedicated webhook for Console logging
    "RCON": {
      "Enable": true,
      "Filter": [ "broadcast", "doexit", "saveworld" ],
      "ShowSource": true, // If the command logger should log if the source is internal or external 
      "URL": "YOURWEBHOOK!" // The dedicated webhook for RCON logging

If you feel like donating to keep this project alive you do it here.

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