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Command Logger 1.7.1

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  • NEW: Option to Change if admin commands should be logged in-game chat or as notification!
  • Sends all console "cheat" commands made by admin in-game to discord
  • Sends all /<commands from Chats to discord
  • Sends all commands from RCON to discord
  • Shows the Position where the command was executed (Optional)
  • Shows what SteamID that executed the command (Optional)
  • Custom Filter to reduce spam (Leave blank to log everything, getchat, listplayer and test is hardcoded to be ignored)
  • 3 different Webhooks URLs or use the same to log everything in one channel
  • Supports Unicode names/commands
  • Super Simple setup! (No database, no extra application, just simple webhook integration!)
Known Issues:
  • See Discord for more information.
Chat Commands:
  • /testcmd - Send a test msg to discord
  • /cl.reload - Reload config
Console Commands:
  • cl.reload - Reload config
RCON Commands:
  • cl.reload - Reload config

If you feel like donating to keep this project alive you do it here.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.7.1

    New: Steam ID blacklist for chat/console commands New: Added ability to show map name...
  2. 1.6

    New Function: Added option to send server notification or chat when an admin is executing a...
  3. 1.5

    Fixed server crash when unloading some plugins through RCON where Command Logger failed to get a...

Latest reviews

Works perfectly
otimo plugin ajuda muito a analisar o que esta sendo feito no servidor
Awesome plugin! A must have!
very usefull plugin
Excelent work, would be great if you can define the Webhock name, because if you have a map multiple times you cant fuggure out wich server it was.
Right... Will fix that! for next patch, thanks for the feedback!
Was looking for an good plugin like this! Thank you verry much!
np, enjoy! :)