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ByeByeCorrupted 1.1

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Big Thanks To @Michidu for the help with this plugin, and big thanks to him for making the life or ark admins easier and making the life of ark players more fun!

this plugin was originally designed for DopeArk PVP with great help from Michidu however as I see more people complain about the corrupted dinos being unbalanced I decided to modify the plugin and post it here!

this plugin is extremely simple it basically checks if the dino attacking a structure has "Corrupted" in the attacker tag, if it does structure damage is prevented if it does not then it's all good!

this plugin supports quick loading and unloading if you wish to test this plugin simply place it into the arkapi directory then log into your server and execute

cheat plugins.load ByeByeCorrupted - this will load the plugin into your server (no restart required)

cheat plugins.unload ByeByeCorrupted - this will unload the plugin from your server

source code :
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Corrupted Dinos Not Damaging Orbital Drops

    Corrupted Dinos will now be able to break "wild" structures like orbital drops but not player...

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don't work, it's a great plugin but is outdated
is your windows in english ?