AutoBases [Autonomous base spawn system!]

AutoBases [Autonomous base spawn system!] 1.2

  • Fixed another issue with default engrams being added to structures and templates
  • Added an error message when there are no structures found in template creation
  • Added new template config: "CoreStructureId". This config takes the Id of an structure in the template that will force base to auto destroy when said structure is destroyed. Should be set with the below command, although can be modified manually
  • Added new console command: ab.setcorestructure <template name>. Will take the structure you are looking at and set it as core structure of template. **NOTE**: This command should be used right after using ab.createtemplate, otherwise you will run into some issue (unless you assign the core structure id manually in the template file)
  • Improved structure detection when creating a template
  • Fixed PvP on PvE servers. Only tracked bases (those which show in active bases command) will be taken in account for PvP - Fixed some scenarios where auto base owner name was not updated in time
  • Removed console log spam when loading - Improved structure locking in some scenarios (editado)

  • Fixed some engrams and default inventory items from structures that were being saved to the template. Anything which is in the inventory by default will now be ignored.