AutoBases [Autonomous base spawn system!]

AutoBases [Autonomous base spawn system!] 1.2

Buy the plugin here, automatic process (make sure to join discord first!):

Create awesome base templates in matter of seconds and spawn them all around the server! Can be used as raid challenges, to hand in premade bases to players (buying with arkshop command, for example), server events or any other idea you might come around with!

Plugin features as of 1.0:
  • Multiple customization options!
  • Focused on performance, has some options on how bases are spawned to reduce the load on the server
  • Several options for loot customization. Cryopodded dinos with custom stat points, any items and customizable armor, damage and durability in weapons/armor.
  • Modularized template config files. Each template is an individual json file, making it easy to share.
  • You can keep one config file for all maps in a cluster. Each template has an option to choose on which map to spawn
  • Broadcast in chat, as a top-screen notification and a discord message when a base is spawned or destroyed. Can configure most things regarding broadcast messages as well as different placeholders for base info
  • Configurable chat commands
  • Can choose behaviour when spawning a base and player structures are found
  • Easy-to-use template creator in-game, without the need of setting up huge json files
  • Can define item presets in the main config file so adding loot to templates involves very little effort afterwards
  • Can choose to keep active bases after a server restart, or destroy them all
  • Auto spawn bases on given interval. Can set how many can spawn and bases won't overlap each other
  • Change health of structures when spawned
  • Many custom configs of the ingame structures are saved in the templates so structures get spawned exactly as how they were saved!
  • Can lock inventories to not allow access unless destroyed
  • Bases are not damageable until fully spawned
  • Can define a set number of structures at which base auto destroys and deletes
  • Can override the team id of the spawned structures in the template config
  • NEW: PvE servers can also raid these auto spawned bases!
  • Plugin comes with 2 premade templates, Raid1 (a small raid base with turrets) and StarterBase (a small stone 4x4 as a starter base)

( *<required params>*, *[optional params]* )
Console Commands

  • ab.reload - Reloads config and templates (and loads new templates if found)
  • pos1 - Sets one corner of the bounding box to create a new template
  • pos2 - Sets the opposite corner of the bounding box to create a new template
  • clearpos - Clears pos1 and pos2 and hides the box
  • ab.createtemplate <template name> - Creates a template based on the bounding box formed by pos1 and pos2 corners.
  • ab.spawn <template name> [teamId] - Spawns a base from template name. Chooses a random location from the locations list in template config
  • ab.spawnhere <template name> [broadcast] [shouldTrack] [teamId] - Spawns base from template name in the position of the player executing the command. `broadcast`, `shouldTrack` and `[teamId]` should be 0/1.
  • If `shouldTrack` is 0 (aka false), the base will not be tracked and thus not broadcasted regardless of the prior setting. Not tracking the base is focused on giving players premade bases and not as raid challenges. `teamId` is 0, base's tribe id is set to the player's tribe id. This command can be implemented into ArkShop to give bases to players
  • ab.spawnrandom - Spawns a random base from a random template in a random location from the configs.
  • ab.activebases - Admin only. Lists all active bases with their unique identifier (a number) for management purposes
  • ab.destroybase <base Id> - Destroys base with given id
  • ab.teleport <base Id> - Teleports you to the location the base with such Identifier
  • ab.teleportplayer <steam id> <base id> - Teleports player with given steam id to the location of base with such identifier
  • ab.addlocation <template name> - Adds your current location to the locations list of the template name's config file
  • ab.destroyfromtemplate <template name> - Destroys all base from <template>
  • ab.destroyall - Destroys all bases (CAUTION! Can cause some serious lag when executing)

RCON Commands

  • ab.reload - Same as the console command
  • ab.spawn - Same as the console command
  • ab.spawnrandom - Same as the console command
  • ab.activebases - Same as the console command
  • ab.destroybase - Same as the console command
  • ab.teleportplayer - Same as the console command
  • ab.destroyfromtemplate <template name> - Same as the console command
  • ab.destroyall - Same as the console command

Chat Commands (configurable)

  • /bases - Lists all active bases that are currently tracked

Small video of how to use ab.createtemplate command:

Example Config:
Raid1 template example:

Prior purchasing you need to have joined our discord server (, once you have bought the plugin via our store ( your plugin roles will be granted and you will gain access to the plugin's download.
After download, install in your server and write in the config the account key that you have received via email and by discord direct message from our bot. The plugin will auto register your license once you start a server with the plugin installed!
We will offer support for any matter related to the plugin in our support discord server.

One license is limited to one physical server, meaning that multiple ark servers running on the same machine would only need 1 license.
If for some reason your HWID changes at any time, you can use our Auth Bot to manage all your licenses

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Latest updates

  1. 1.2

    Fixed another issue with default engrams being added to structures and templates Added an error...
  2. 1.11

    1.1: Improved structure detection when creating a template Fixed PvP on PvE servers. Only...