Auto Crafter
Crafting benches with modified slot count, health or speed changes should now be working immediately after a reboot.
Keep in mind that visible description on the table might show incorrectly until you put or remove an item in the inventory but that is only a display bug with changing these values.

Fixed a couple unicode text display errors.
Minor stability change
Added the ability for structure default engrams to be auto craftable.
Updated to use the new license auth system. (You will need to obtain your AccountKey from the @LethalBot using !license list and update your config with it.
Small fix to prevent possible loading issue.
Minor fixes and updated Auth system.
Fixed crash issue with dead players using commands.
Small update to HWID generation.
Added new message when `/stop` is used.
    "Stop": {
      "Message": "Auto Crafting has been stopped on {}."
(Config update is needed)