ATLAS: Tribe Log Relay

ATLAS: Tribe Log Relay 2.09

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Fixed Unicode character support not working reliably with Keywords.
Changed update timer.
Updated config to have the new discord webhook formatting.
Fix for 1114 loading error.
Code optimization for the new naming system that was added.
Fixed the config included with 1.91 I had forgotten to update the actual config for that release. Which would prevent the plugin from loading properly.
Bug fix for grid coordinates I had them backwards it seems.
Bug fix for gestation spamming a birth on lower rate servers.
New "TextTransformer" system that will transform the text before sending to Discord leaving tribe logs looking clean and Discord looking the way you want. When using "AddCodeBlocks":true emojis will not work within code blocks. "EnableRegex" is an advanced option that allows for complete customization of the text used to display in discord. The example I built below transforms the standard "unclaimed" message in ARK to the one you see in the examples below.

        "Enabled":true, //Enables this feature however "AddCodeBlocks":true, will prevent discord emoji's from displaying
        "TribeMessages":true, //Will modify tribe messages
        "AdminMessages":true, //Will modify admin messages
        "AdminPublicMessages":true, //Will modify adamin public messages
        "EnableRegex":true, //Enable advanced regex feature
        "Regex":{ //If a match is found it will not process anything from the "Replace" list
            "^(.*:)\\s(\\w+)\\sunclaimed\\s('.*')!$":"$1 __$3__ was unclaimed by **$2**!"
        "Replace":{ //Keyword (left) will be replaced the keyword (right)
            " froze ":" :cold_face: **froze** ",
            " killed ":" :knife: ",
            " killed!":" :knife:!",
            " baby ":" :baby: baby :baby: ",
            " unfroze ":" :hotsprings: __unfroze__ "
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Also included is a new Atlas only change:
"ServerNameFormat":"{0} {1} - {2}", //0=ServerName, 1=GridCoordinate (A1), 2=GridName (Tropical N Freeport)
I have also included a commented_config.json to help explain the config options.

Please note that I have removed the abilty to reload the plugin. You can accomplish the same thing by doing the following from RCON:
1) plugins.unload TribeLogRelay
2) Wait 15 seconds so the messaging threads can close properly
3) plugins.load TribeLogRelay
Fixed issue with @everyone not working when using the "AddCodeBlocks" option.
Added new option "AddCodeBlocks" to the "Discord" section to color the text in messages like this...

Added Developer integration support (Developers reach out to me for the files needed to integrate)
Current support includes the ability to add webhooks for tribes.

Added "AdminPublicDiscordWebhook" //Second Admin Webhook that can be used to broadcast certain filtered events using the keyword system to the whole server to see.
Added "AdminPublicKeywordMatching" //Works like the other keyword settings but filters the items sent through the new Public webhook.
New webhook follows suit with the previous change in 1.64 allowing each server to have a unique public channel for its events.
Added a file named "commened_config.json" which explains all the settings available.