Atlas Extended RCON

Atlas Extended RCON 1.1

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Added RCON commands:
  • GiveItemNum <SteamID> <ItemID> <Quantity> <Quality> <ForceBlueprint> - Gives item to player.
  • GiveItem <SteamID> <BlueprintPath> <Quantity> <Quality> <ForceBlueprint> - Same as GiveItemNum but uses blueprint instead of item id. Double quotes are not needed. Example: giveitem 123456789 blueprint'/game/primalearth/coreblueprints/items/armor/leather/primalitemarmor_hidegloves.primalitemarmor_hidegloves' 1 1 0
  • GiveItemToAll <BlueprintPath> <Quantity> <Quality> <ForceBlueprint> - Same as Giveitem but gives items to all online players.
  • AddExperience <SteamID> <HowMuch> <FromTribeShare> <PreventSharingWithTribe> - Adds the specified number of experience points to the player.
  • SetPlayerPos <SteamID> <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleports player to the specified coordinates.
  • GetPlayerPos <SteamID> - Prints player coordinates.
  • TeleportAllPlayers <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleports all online players to the specified coordinates.
  • KillPlayer <SteamID> - Kills player.
  • TeleportToPlayer <SteamID1> <SteamID2> - Teleports player 1 to player 2.
  • ListPlayerDinos <SteamID> - Prints player dinos in the following format: <DinoName> - <Level>, ID1=<ID1>, ID2=<ID2>.
  • GetTribeIdOfPlayer <SteamID> - Prints Tribe ID of player's Steam ID.
  • SpawnDino <SteamID> <BlueprintPath> <DinoLevel> <ForceTame> <X> <Y> <Z> - Spawns a dino on the specified coordinates. If x, y, z are null, dino will be spawned near player.
  • GetTribeLog <TribeID> - Prints tribe log.
  • GetDinoPos <DinoID1> <DinoID2> - Prints dino coordinates.
  • SetDinoPos <DinoID1> <DinoID2> <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleport dino to the specified coordinates.
  • AddDinoExperience <DinoID1> <DinoID2> <Amount> - Adds the specified number of experience points to the dino.
  • KillDino <DinoID1> <DinoID2> - Kills a dino.
  • ClientChat <'Message'> <Name> - Sends a client chat message to everyone. Example: "clientchat 'Hello' admin".
  • UnlockEngram <SteamID> <BlueprintPath> - Unlocks engram for the specified player.
  • ScriptCommand <SteamID> <Command> - Executes script command.
  • FeedDinos <TeamId> - Feeds all dinos of the entered team id.
  • DinoColor <DinoID1> <DinoID2> <Region> <Color> - Changes dino color.

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    Fixed dino id

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Great finaly a proper extened use for Rcon works awesome for in a admin team
Amazing plugin! Tons of Potential! Outstanding dev!
Totally recommend this plugin to any server owner!