Official ArkShop 3.0.1

No permission to download
excelent plugin, but anyone can explain me how i can add someone on the vip group?
Add an inventory setting, and players can reduce the number of purchases (reduce the number of purchases), which can be achieved
Awesome plugin and easy to use. I'm wondering if I can make a kit with items and engramunlocker types? I have item/dino kits but haven't yet tried combining the engramunlocker type.
Hay alguna manera para poder ordenar los articulos de la tienda y que estos se muestren bajo un orden en sus paginas respectivas?
Can ask you how to set up the path of the Shared database? I use a computer the path of the tips I arkshop DLL is missing!
love the shop API but have a problem if someone spends 1000 points to unlock all engrams on ARK if they die or logout all the engrams dissapear, and the points dissapear
hello, will there be a way to configure so that the points are equal between the clusters ?, that is, that they are the same points in both theisland and ragnarok
Hello. How do i add dino's to the shop? I've edited the json file but it keeps telling me a level is required even though im over the level required.
I like your plug-in very much. Can we cooperate?
Mega nice
Love it!
Nice item.
Great plugin, i wish if i can add (EXP for starter kits)
i want my server players to start with level 50 characters right away.
i dont know how this works on my server
Awesome plugin, have played on a few servers that have it. Its Great, also looking for a well balanced shop if someone has one to share. Would like to set it up on my kids server. Thanks
very good plugin, but i cant seem to find any fully configured shop
10/10 nice work.
Very good plugin, thank you for sharing. But there is a question about the Resetpoints command. The number of players' coins has not changed since the implementation of Resetpoints.Resetkits have the same problem!