Official ArkShop 3.0.1

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Hey guys,

How to pool the points on an ark cluster ? it's possible ?

Thank's !
where the ID numbers of the numbers so that Vip counts more points than others?
This shop is brilliant, THere is only one thing missing that would in my eyes make it a lot better and that would be to make the currency bushberrys as opposed to credits
Good work!!!
Currently broken does not get the right players steam ids and in the db it only shows 1 record

-2305843009213693952 for the steam id
Why this declaration is invalid?

"K005": {
"DefaultAmount": 1,
"Description": "30000",
"Items": [
"Amount": 1,
"Blueprint": "$advkits cmd `addpoints {steamid} 30000`",
"Fixed": true,
"ForceBlueprint": false,
"Quality": 0
"Price": 0
problem code: "Blueprint": "$advkits cmd `addpoints {steamid} 30000`"
Pls tell me how to use CMD command format correctly in configuration file?
the reset kits and reset points doesnt work
Really good plugin but i dont understand how i get 755% items please help Discord : [9L] Mero#3770
overall really good. are there instructions on sharing this throughout a cluster? i see you mention sharing the folder, how do you do that?
If you have a problem with the Steam ID-based point accumulation system, you can solve it by sharing the folder with each server.
By sharing one folder with each server.
Because data is accumulated in only one place.
You can match points for each map.
Very Cool Plugin, but no real in depth guide, how would I go about setting certain players in groups to earn more points than others.
updated both permissions/shop and api but still doesnt seem to work with steamIDs
If you update ArkApi this plugin works, perfect plugin
same problem ccabae
mate. after update of today the arkshop dont work more. i use mysql. befor of update is working
I'd love to use it but when im chaning the config the server wont start :(
Felicidades por este Plugin!!
Lleva trabajo configurarlo todo correctamente, pero una vez realizado, funciona muy bien. Hay que tener especial cuidado al tocar config.json. Cualquier despiste puede ocasionar fallos.

Por otro lado, es posible ubicar la base de datos en una carpeta que no sea la del propio plugin?


Congratulations on this Plugin !!
It takes work to configure everything correctly, but once done, it works very well. Take special care when touching config.json. Any mistake can cause failures.

On the other hand is it possible to locate the database in a folder other than that of the plugin itself?

Thank you
all jewel but when it comes to selling it won't let me, this way it takes the sale

"Blueprint '/ Game / Mods / Stack50 / Resources / PrimalItemResource_Stone_Child.PrimalItemResource_Stone_Child'"

but in this way

"Blueprint '/ Game / PrimalEarth / CoreBlueprints / Resources / PrimalItemResource_Stone.PrimalItemResource_Stone'"

does not allow me to make the sale, I would appreciate the help.
please help :( i use agshosting for my server but when i download the plugin there it does not show up in the game directory or anywhere and it does not work in game, i really want this to work pls help
Hola, tengo el problema de que no andan los comando para dar puntos, ni para modificar la cantidad de kits de un personaje, alguna solucion a eso?