ARK: Server API

ARK: Server API 3.53

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  • Implemented tick/timer crash fix (for those referencing crashes from Hook_UWorld_Tick, or Hook_AGameState_DefaultTimer).
  • Fixed some cases where Find Player From SteamId wouldn't work even if the player was online
  • Fixed high RAM usage
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  • Updated PDB Reader to fix crashes brought by latest ark versions (deflate, addler, compress crashes, etc...).
  • Startup time is slightly faster now
  • Removed Tick/Timer crash prevention due to some issues that could be derived from allowing corrupt program state after preventing a crash.
  • Removed most config options that are no longer needed (/Win64 config.json file).
  • Fixed auto plugin reload config read, it won't be ignored now.

Notes for developers

  • Due to PDB Reader update some overloaded functions will just have 1 overload available. API now reads the first available overload.
  • For the above reason one of the affected classes is `FName`. Headers have been updated and plugins using FNames **must be recompiled** against these updated headers. Old FNames won't crash, but they will have the wrong string passed on and features might not work as expected.
  • Any overloaded function could have been affected, if you find any overload that does not work anymore, let us know and we will update the headers, or you can make a pull request to the GitHub repository.
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  • Updated Permissions plugin bundled with Ark Api
  • Introuduced a new HTTP requests library, faster than the old one (Big thanks to WETBATMAN!)
  • Added a new crash prevention for Tick/Timer callbacks, it will now output the callback name in order to make debugging of the issue easier (Big thanks to Lethal!)
  • Added new tools for plugin developers
  • Prevented some crashes when game classes or functions were not correctly dumped in a PdbConfig.json. All classes and functions are now dumped by default.
  • Added Hotplug feature for plugins
  • Updated API for Genesis
  • Fixed an issue with timer that caused a crash, this is related to requests
  • Added latest fixes which should prevent some rare crashes
  • Added new requests functions
  • Updated Permissions plugin to current version (1.5)
  • Fixed Requests
  • Fixed a crash which has been caused by Timers
  • Updated functions from game
  • Added the possibility to dump all symbols from PDB (very useful for developer so they don't need to adjust the structures on API config)
  • New requests class
  • New API functions
  • Security update. It's recommended to install it as soon as possible!