ARK: Server API

ARK: Server API 3.4

No permission to download
Good Work, only the Permissions Plugin inside the Pluginsfolder are old, they should be deleted!
This makes it all happen. Easiest 5 star on this entire site.
Thanks a lot!!!
Can I use this after starting the server?
People are already playing and building up
Great work!
Github update. Thank you.
This is an excellent peice of work indeed. We are a small community and have had this on our cluster servers for over 2 years using mainly the random dino colour plugin and it just works without issue. Thank you for creating this :)
Is this work on singleplayer ?
Great app
This makes a lot of great customization possible, works great, thanks!
The server api is very nice but what do you mean with security update ? what happened ?
Enjoy using it! Thank you very much for that amazing creation!
Absolutely amazing! Since moving our server to Windows and finding Ark Server API I've been itching to get back into programming again! Thank you all who made this possible and who help make more functionality, it works beautifully. I can't wait to see what I can do!