Ark Permissions

Ark Permissions 1.8

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  • Changed ClusterSyncTime to be Seconds instead of Minutes (Minimum value 20s).
  • Fixed New Players wasn't added to Player Table
  • Fixed Cache Reading
  • Fixed Plugins Compatibility
  • Fixed ListGroups
  • Fixed Custom MySQL Port

    Note: Config update!
  • Added Database Caching (increase of server performance and plugin request performance)
  • Added Tribe Permission
  • Added Timed Player Permission
  • Added Timed Tribe Permission
  • Updated Commands with the newest functionality
  • Added Permission Callback (For other plugins to integrate with)

    Big Thanks to @Lethal & @kalendell for the big contribute!!
  • Fixed a bug with MySQL when default group wasn't being added
  • Some other fixes
  • Added a way to change table names
  • Fixed RemoveGroup
  • Changed MySQL libraries
  • Various other fixes
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  • Added ListGroups command
  • Added MySQL support
  • Some SQLite improvements
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  • Strings are case-insensitive now (it won't affect existing databases though)
  • Added error messages
  • Added rcon commands
  • Added /group command
  • Admins will be detected automatically now
  • Path to DB can be changed
  • Improved RemoveGroup command