Ark Permissions

Ark Permissions 1.8

No permission to download
Amazing Thank you!
Pretty Good. But I do Get an error when I try to add a player into a group.
02/08/21 18:24 [Permission][error] (d:\programs\ark\plugins\permissions\permissions\private\main.cpp Permissions::AddPlayerToGroup) Parsing error invalid stoull argument

Please fix it
A must if you want to use plugins :)
I agree @AlexoAndro, really great plugin but this option would be great ;)
Awesome plugin! but it will be better if it had the posibility to give a group for a certain time, like 1 year or 1 month.
Awesome possibly to have an external/shared database, love it! Great job Michidu!
Tested and it works like a charm! :)
Plugin works fine & without Errors.
good work. keep it up