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Default plugin for ArkApi that allows you to manage group permissions. It's mostly used by other plugins and controls which players have access to certain features.

Default groups are 'Admins' and 'Default'. You can't remove those groups but you can configure them. All players that connect to your server automatically join to 'Default' group. 'Admins' group has all permissions by default.
Moreover, all admins will be automatically added to the 'Admins' group.

Console and Rcon commands:

Player Management:

  • Permissions.Add <SteamID> <Group> - Adds player to a existing group permanently.
  • Permissions.Remove <SteamID> <Group> - Removes player from the group.
  • Permissions.AddTimed <SteamID> <Group> <Hours> <DelayHours> - Adds player to a existing group time based.
  • Permissions.RemoveTimed <SteamID> <Group> - Removes player from the timed group.
  • Permissions.PlayerGroups <SteamID> - Lists all player's groups.
Tribe Management:
  • Permissions.AddTribe <TribeID> <Group> - Adds tribe to a existing group permanently.
  • Permissions.RemoveTribe <TribeID> <Group> - Removes tribe from the group.
  • Permissions.AddTribeTimed <TribeID> <Group> <Hours> <DelayHours> - Adds tribe to a existing group time based.
  • Permissions.RemoveTribeTimed <TribeID> <Group> - Removes tribe from the timed group.
  • Permissions.TribeGroups <TribeID> - Lists all tribe's groups.
Group Management:
  • Permissions.AddGroup <Group> - Adds a group.
  • Permissions.RemoveGroup <Group> - Removes the group.
  • Permissions.Grant <Group> <Permission> - Grants a specific permission to the group. Wildcard character (*) would give all permissions to this group.
  • Permissions.Revoke <Group> <Permission> - Revokes a specific permission from the group.
  • Permissions.GroupPermissions<Group> - Lists all group's permissions.
  • Permissions.ListGroups - Lists all groups and their permissions.
Chat commands:
  • /groups - Lists player's groups.
  "Database":"sqlite", // DB type: sqlite or mysql.
  "MysqlHost":"localhost", // Only for mysql db.
  "MysqlUser":"root", // Only for mysql db.
  "MysqlPass":"pass", // Only for mysql db.
  "MysqlDB":"arkdb", // Only for mysql db.
  "MysqlPort":3306, // Only for mysql db.
  "MysqlPlayersTable":"ArkPPlayers", // MySQL players table name (optional)
  "MysqlGroupsTable":"ArkPGroups", // MySQL groups table name (optional)
  "MysqlTribesTable":"ArkPTribes", //MySQL tribes table name (optional)
  "DbPathOverride":"", // Path to the DB file, leave empty to use default path. Only for sqlite db.
  "ClusterSyncTime": 5 // Sync interval to refresh cached permissions values (optional)

More information about the plugin:

This plugin is installed in ArkApi by default. But if you need to update/reinstall it:
  1. Copy "Permissions" folder to "ArkApi/Plugins"
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Latest updates

  1. 1.9

    Fixed duplicate groups Fixed some SQLite issues Fixed some threading issues Added a new...
  2. 1.8

    Changed ClusterSyncTime to be Seconds instead of Minutes (Minimum value 20s). Fixed New Players...
  3. 1.7

    Added Database Caching (increase of server performance and plugin request performance) Added...

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Pretty Good. But I do Get an error when I try to add a player into a group.
02/08/21 18:24 [Permission][error] (d:\programs\ark\plugins\permissions\permissions\private\main.cpp Permissions::AddPlayerToGroup) Parsing error invalid stoull argument

Please fix it
A must if you want to use plugins :)
I agree @AlexoAndro, really great plugin but this option would be great ;)
Awesome plugin! but it will be better if it had the posibility to give a group for a certain time, like 1 year or 1 month.
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Plugin works fine & without Errors.
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