Ark Bot Helper

Ark Bot Helper 1.4

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Supports quick load and unload with:
plugins.load ArkBotHelper
plugins.unload ArkBotHelper

No Config Required!

What is this?
ArkBotHelper is required if you want to destroy a tribes structures/creatures within the web interface of ArkBot (previously this was done by ImprovedCommands, which is now out of date and not maintained anymore)

How Does it work?
for this plugin to work you need to have ArkBot up and functional if you don't have ArkBot setup yet head over to the official repo and download it

To enable structure destruction from RCON, after setting up ArkBot go to the Configuration tab

Then Go to Access Control

Afterward, Expand admin-server, double click structures_rcon and type the permission you want to have access to it (if you don't know what that means just type admin in there like in the following example)

Make sure to save all changes and restart the webapp, if you did everything correctly you now should have a save world button in the webapp

if you do congratulations you now can clear structures in a range or for the whole tribe with a few clicks from the webapp!


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Latest reviews

I don't have the option in view, only 'console'
Awesome plugin! Just one question.

Does the DroppedEggs commands work that was included in the ImprovedCommands plugin?

Thank you for the great work
i'm afraid not
Incredible plugin!
This was sooo needed, saved us a ton of time! Thank you!!!
I was a bit slow to absorb that this only works for those who maintain their own machine or through remote access. The fair number of people adding plugins through a hosting service are unfortunately unable to reap the benefits of this one.
that's not true ArkBot is only needed for the interface you can manually run the commands and it would still do what it was designed to, commands are used as follows:

DestroyStructuresForTeamIdAtPosition <team id> <x> <y> <radius> <rafts>: Destroys all structures owned by a player or team within a given range from a position (optionally including rafts).
Example: DestroyStructuresForTeamIdAtPosition 1234567890 85000.0 275000.0 1000 1

DestroyDinosForTeamId <team id>: Destroys all tamed dinos owned by a player or team.
Example: DestroyDinosForTeamId 123456789
Wetbatman is a very talented guy and offers amazing content!
10/10 Highly recommend this plugin for any server owner.