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[ARK] AutoDecay [Anti-Autobreed][Cluster Support] 4.5

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Hey - you server administrator out there

Are you fed up with players placing structures all over the map but not decaying ..?
Or even players who claim good spots (especially on PvP servers), but then just leaving for some reason?

Then you came to the right plugin!

This plugin allows you to set a specific time to remove structures from players who were not online in this time.

Lets say you configure 48h in the config file - this would mean that every player can be offline for 47 hours without loosing any structure. If the player exceed this time all structures on the map of the player / tribe will get removed.

This plugin will give you:
  • better Performance
  • more Players
  • a balanced contrast for Protection Plugins / Mods

Please Note that the plugin only has been tested with MariaDB - Other DBMS can cause a malfunction of the whole plugin or even to a loss of all dinos / structures on the entire map!


  "Backend": {
    "useMySQL": true, // true = use MySQL; false = use SQLite file(generated by plugin)
    "ServerPrefix": "island", // Prefix for your server in the cluster
    "SynchronizeOnCluster": true, // Synchronize times on entire cluster - if player is active on one server should the time be updated on another too?
    "MySQL": { // MySQL Login credentials
      "Host": "",
      "Port": 3306,
      "User": "user",
      "Password": "secret",
      "Database": "database"
  "Decay": {
    "Commands": {
      "CheckCommandEnabled": true, // enable command for viewing the remaining time on a target (command is /decaytime by default)
      "CommandLabel": "decaytime" // The command label
    "AnnounceCheck": true, // Display a message to all users on the server that a check has been started
    "AddAlreadyExisting": true, // Take existing structures into account. Setting this to true will collect TribeID or SteamID of structures and put them into the database
    "DecayGroups": [ // Permission groups
        "GroupName": "vip", // Group name should be exact name from Permission plugin
        "StructureDecayTime": { // Structure Decaytime
          "GivenIn": "HOURS", // See valid formats below
          "Value": 96 // 96 hours..
        "DinoDecayTime": { // Dino Decaytime
          "GivenIn": "HOURS",// See valid formats below
          "Value": 96 // 96 hours..
      { // Another group that is beeing tracked by AutoDecay - in this case its a admin group that will not be affected by AutoDecay at all.
        "GroupName": "admin",
        "StructureDecayTime": {
          "GivenIn": "HOURS",
          "Value": 0 // Disable AutoDecay for this group. Grant immunity.
        "DinoDecayTime": {
          "GivenIn": "HOURS",
          "Value": 0
    "CheckSteps": 25, // Amount of structures, dinos etc that are beeing processed within a second (Please note that high numbers are not reliable and could cause lag on your populated server!)
    "UseInterval": true, // Use the Interval time down below - this would check the entire map
    "CheckInterval": {
      "GivenIn": "HOURS",
      "Value": 6
    "ScheduledCheckTime": 16, // if "UseInterval" is set to false there will be one check every day; in this case it will be 16:00 (4pm)
    "Structures": { // Default Structure settings
      "Enabled": true, // true means that the plugin will check also for structures
      "DecayTime": {
        "GivenIn": "HOURS",
        "Value": 48
    "Dinos": { // Default Dino settings
      "Enabled": true, // true means that the plugin will check also for dinos
      "UnclaimDino": true, // true = unclaim dino, false = delete from map
      "DecayTime": {
        "GivenIn": "HOURS",
        "Value": 48
  "AutoBreed": { // Autobreed settings - this is designed to remove unclaimed dinos in given time. This is especially good for servers with high egg hatching rate
    "Enabled": true, // Enable tracking of unclaimed dinos
    "CheckInterval": { // Check the entire map every 60 seconds for unclaimed dinos
      "GivenIn": "SECONDS",
      "Value": 60
    "MaxUnclaimedTime": { // Maximum amount of time a unclaimed dino can exist(Lifespan)
      "GivenIn": "SECONDS",
      "Value": 60
  "Messages": { // You can edit these messages and adjust them to your language :)
    "CheckStarted": "An automated check for decaying structures has been started",
    "CheckFinished": "All structures of the inactive players were decayed",
    "StructureRemainingTime": "The target structure decays in {} hours and {} minutes.",
    "DinoRemainingTime": "The target dino decays in {} hours and {} minutes.",
    "StructureCurrentlyDecaying": "The target structure is currently decaying",
    "DinoCurrentlyDecaying": "The target dino is currently decaying",
    "TargetNotDecaying": "The target is not affected by AutoDecay."
Supported TimeUnits:
    "GivenIn": "SECONDS",
    "GivenIn": "MINUTES",
    "GivenIn": "HOURS",
    "GivenIn": "DAYS"

Since Update 4.0: You'll need to buy it once for each dedicated / root server you have (per IPv4!)

Please join my Discord *Click me* after buying it to clarify anything else

Special thanks to Ronnie who helped me testing it on a well visited server :)
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Latest reviews

super buen plugin. recomenado para aqullos que desean tener el mismo tiempo para todas las estructuras. y con los grupos esta genial. tengo configuraciones de 15, 20, 30 y 365 dias de decay. :D jeje

super good plugin. recommended for those who wish to have the same time for all structures. and with the groups it's great. I have settings of 15, 20, 30 and 365 days of decay. : D hehe
everything works
I have been using AdrianGaming's APIs on my servers for more than a year now and I am very happy with the level of service and professionalism Adrian has shown me since I purchased this API.

If you are looking for a great API at a great cost from a great developer then you shouldn't look any further.

AdrianGaming is the man and the best at what he does.

5/5 Excellent!
Super plugin with super support in discord. Helpful developer. And for everyone who complains that something is not working ... It is not because of the plugin but mostly because of those who configure it.
Configuration not working as intended, a lot of bases are disappearing without reason even for my active players. No support.
That plugin is a waste of time and money.
No installing instructions, no support, no debug information in game/logs to even know if it's working or what it's doing. Responsable for mass deleteing structures and dino's even when players are online.
Plugin didn't work for me at all. VERY broken. terrible plugin. requested refund.
Und Wieder! Top Plugin bzw in dem Fall Top Update^^ Der Entwickler hat super bei meinen Problemen geholfen und es auch sehr Schnell gefixt! Das Plugin ist auf jedenfall das Geld wert! Mach weiter so @AdrianGaming :)
Ich habe Heute neue Funktionen vorgeschlagen und sie wurden sofort übernommen :) Bestes Plugin das es gibt und super Entwickler :)
Top auch ohne Ablaufzeit :)
EliteArk uses this across all servers without a hiccup. Makes my job 10000% easier as one of the top problems is having players join the server, take a good base spot, and then leave the server 2-3 days later. This very easily automates the whole process of cleaning the server. Not only does it make the in game server clean. But saves in server performance on average of 40%. It's a win win.