Anti Structure Mesh
End with people meshing foundations and any kind of structures once and forever!

This plugin will prevent structures from being meshed!


-Asynchronous mesh detection: server won't lag at all when multiple checks are running at the same time due to the use of multi threading.

-Detection algorithm: Plugin uses my custom-built algorithm with almost 95% accuracy when it comes to mesh detection of structures.

-Push a webhook when the anti mesh is triggered, like this one:

-Webhook name defaults to the map name, or server name if specified in config option

-Can enable setting to prevent turret ground placement (so they must be placed on any structure) with configurable message.

-Reload config with asm.reload (Console and RCON)

The plugin is being actively used in EliteArk and Rhadafun clusters, which they are very satisfied with.

  "AntiStructureMesh": {
    "Enabled": true, // If true AntiStructureMesh will be enabled
    "MessageSender": "TestServer", // Sender of the anti mesh triggered chat message
    "TriggeredMsg": "Your {} triggered the anti mesh and it was destroyed. Another structure has been added to your inventory",
    "IgnoreStructures": [ // List of structures that anti mesh will ignore. This accepts ingame names, or BP names. BP names can be gotten by pointing a structure with admin rifle in red mode.
  "WebhookURL": "", // webhook url for anti mesh trigger
  "ShowTribeInWebhook": true, // if true will show tribe name in webhook
  "WebhookNameIsServerName": false, // if false webhook name will be map name, if true will show server's name (the one shown in server browser)
  "Prevent_Turret_Placement_On_Ground": false, // if true turrets will be only placeable on other structures and not on the ground direclty
  "Need_Floor_Message": "Can't be placed on the ground"

We offer a 8-day-trial for our plugins, if you wish to try it out please join our discord server and get in touch with the developer in there (Pelayori#2233). Trial period is limited to 1 per user and server organisation.

Once you have bought the plugin, please join our discord server ( and get in touch with Pelayori#2233. He will verify your purchase and give you access to the plugin. Allow us up to 24h to activate your HWID after purchase.
We will offer support for any matter related to the plugin in our support discord server

One license is limited to one physical server, meaning that multiple ark servers running on the same machine would only need 1 license.
If for some reason your HWID changes at any time, you can use our Auth Bot to manage all your licenses
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