Anti Structure Mesh [Ends with meshing!]

Anti Structure Mesh [Ends with meshing!] 1.8

- Improved mesh detection algorithm, now it's faster and more reliable. Also, a big rework of it is being worked on.

- Fixed a crash that occured while checking for mesh.

- Added several options to allow deciding easier which structures should be checked

- Added option to enable Vanilla Collision system on Teleporters, turrets and any other desired structure

- Added a config_help.json file with explanations of all config values

- Added compatibility mode for Vanilla Collision system that will be enabled automatically if a conflictive plugin is found.
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-Fixed placing structures when riding a dino being considered as mesh

-QoL stuff for the webhook (compact mode, include mapname in the webhook message, change coords formatting)

-Fix some structures without collision not being detected at all

  "Webhook_CompactMode": false
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