Anti Pve Griefing

Anti Pve Griefing 1.1

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Anti Pve Griefing

Stop PVE players from being griefed in different ways.

Plugin features:
  • Prevent players from accessing enemy death item caches, enemy tamed dinos, etc. Can allow unlocked structures to be accessible.
  • Prevent players from being carried/dragged. Useful for preventing death by drowning.
  • Prevent other tribes from picking up items which haven't been dropped by someone on the same tribe.
  • *Glitch fix*: Prevent mating with dinos from different tribes, when these are set to wandering enabled
  • Prevent players from dying when offline (Even not drowning!)
  • Add a grace period after players login in which they are invincible
  • Option to prevent cloning enemy dinos
Console/RCON Commands:

  • apg.reload - Reloads the config file

Config file explained:
  "AdminIgnoreProtections": true, // If true admins will bypass all protections
  "PreventionOptions": {
      "PlayerDamage": {      
        "PreventAnyDamageToOfflinePlayers": true, // If true offline players won't be damaged by anything
        "GraceSecondsOfInvincibilityAfterLogin": 30 // Seconds after a player logins in which he will be invincible. -1 disables this feature.    
    "InventoryAccess": { // For accessing death item caches, dino inventories, etc.
      "PreventAccessForEnemies": true, // If true anyone from outside player/dino tribe won't be able to open the inventory
      "AllowAccessToUnlockedContainers": true, // If true anyone will be able to access unlocked inventories, regardless of the config above
      "AllowInteractionsBetweenAllies": false // If true allies will bypass the restrictions too
    "PlayerCarrying": {
      "PreventCarryingByEnemies": false, // If true player's won't be able to be dragged/carried. Useful for preventing drowning.
      "AllowInteractionsBetweenAllies": true // If true allies will bypass the restrictions too. In this case this will also allow allies to ride as passengers in allied dinos
    "ItemPickup": {
      "PreventItemPickup": false, // If true only the tribe who dropped the item will be able to pick it up
      "AllowInteractionsBetweenAllies": true // If true allies will bypass the restrictions too
    "PatchWanderingDinoMating": true, // If true dinos from different tribes won't be allowed to mate while on wandering. This is considered an exploit and should be left as true.
    "PatchCloningEnemyDinos": true // If true, cloning chamber won't allow cloning dinos of another tribe, unless it's from the player's tribe.  

Common issues:

Donate: If you like the plugin and want to support my development feel free to donate here:

Support server:
Pelayori's Development Suite

I am always looking for new plugin ideas, and also I do custom jobs. Send me a direct message on discord to talk with me of any matter

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Latest reviews

Essential plugin for a pve server, it works perfectly, we have been using it for more than 3 weeks. Perfect!

would improve: It would be nice if a role could be specified, which could ignore the restriction, in order to give that role to players who have bodies left in their bases.

Scored 10/10! Congratulations
could you tell me how to install this plugin on my nitrado server?
Tres bon travail t es au top !!!
I....I love you.
Me... Me too
Great plugin!
100% recommended
essential plugin for any pve server, tested and approved ;)
Glad to hear that!
100% Recommended
Thanks! More features coming soon!