Advanced Messages

Advanced Messages 2.21

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Plugin features:
  • Send Client Chat Messages to all online players from game console and RCON with configurable sender name and message colour
  • Send Server chat messages to all players from game console and RCON with configurable message colour
  • Send Notifications to all players with configurable colour, display scale and display time
  • Configure timed messages on given interval with all the options about the message configurable
  • Option to enable a configurable welcome message (It can display player's character name!).
  • Timed messages won't repeat, it will choose another from config if message was sent the last time
  • Unicode support for messages. NOTE: Sending messages manyally from RCON requires the Unicode Rcon Plugin:

Console/RCON Commands:
(If steam id is 0 it will be sent to everyone online, r g b parameters are optional, if they are not written color will be taken from config defaults)

  • am.sendchat <steam id> <message sender>"Message" <r> <g> <b> - Sends a client chat message to all online players.
  • am.sendserver <steam id> "Message" <r> <g> <b> - Sends a server chat message to all online players
  • am.sendnotification <steam id> "Message" <display scale> <display time> <r> <g> <b> <icon bp path> - Sends a notification message to all online players. Icon bp is optional, path is in format of /Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Mammoth/Icons/MammothLegs_Icon.MammothLegs_Icon
  • am.chatasplayer <steam id> "Message to send as player". This will force the player to send a chat message, it can be a command too like /shop. Player needs to be online.
  • am.reload - Reloads the config file

Config file explained included in the plugin folder.

Common issues:

Support server: Pelayori's Dev Hut

I am always looking for new plugin ideas, and also I do custom jobs. Send me a direct message on discord to talk with me of any matter

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Latest updates

  1. 2.21

    - Fixed an issue when only 1 timed message was in the config
  2. Custom Commands, and some bugfixes

    - Added custom commands section, everything is explained in config_help.json (inside plugin...
  3. 2.0 Release. Code rewrite from scratch.

    This version has been totally rewritten, fixing most, if not all, known bugs. There is a...

Latest reviews

I update it,and it works good on Notification message,but is not support Unicode when send a client mesage,it's all '??????'
EN: It works very well and very simple to set up. Congratulations to the developer.
PTBR: Funciona muito bem e muito simples de configurar. Parabéns ao desenvolvedor.
Good plugin + Good dev = all u need :-)
Excellent plug
Works Flawlessly! No lag! No Hangs! What more could you ask for. It simply WORKS!

Pelayori is one of the most helpful devs in the community! Looking forward to seeing what he creates next!