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Advanced Item Cooldowns 1.0.6

Introducing Advanced Item Cooldowns!
- Allows server admins to easily add any in game item to custom defined cooldown, be it seconds, minutes, hours or days.

  • Set cooldown for players to use any in game item.
  • Every item is individually configured and tracked.
  • Gives player notification with time left.
  • Config includes mindwipe as illustration.
  • Cluster support, shared cooldown between all servers connected to same database.
  • SqLite and MySQL support
  • Can reload config, even change database from sqlite to mysql, at runtime.
Config File with explanations:
    "SqLite_DataBase_FullPath" : "",        //If empty, it creates sqlite db in plugin directory.
    "MySQL": {
        "UseMySql": false,                    //Uses MySQL if true, SQLite if false.
        "HostAdress": "localhost",         
        "Username": "root",                 
        "Password": "mysql", 
        "DataBaseName": "discord"
    "ItemArray": [                            //List of items to apply cooldown to.
            "Item_Name": "Mindwipe Tonic",                    //Item name, must be the same as you see ingame. Not case sensitive.
            "Item_Interval_hours": 6,                        //How many hours of cooldown to apply to this item
            "Item_Interval_minutes": 0,                        //How many minutes of cooldown to apply to this item
            "Item_Interval_seconds": 0,                        //How many seconds of cooldown to apply to this item
            "CoolDown_Ignore_Permission": "NoMindWipeCD",    //This permission (not group) will not be applied cooldown too. Empty string = off.
            "Messages":{                                    //Message settings for this item
                "Size": 1.8,                                //Ingame notification text size.
                "Display_Time_Seconds": 5.0,                //How long the notification will be displayed, in seconds.
                "Interval_Seconds": 2.0,                    //Minimum interval between sending message to player about the cooldown.
                "Message_You_Must_Wait_Hours": "You must wait another {} hours {} minutes to use another Mindwipe Tonic", 
                "Message_You_Must_Wait_Minutes": "You must wait another {} minutes {} seconds to use another Mindwipe Tonic",
                "Message_You_Must_Wait_Seconds": "You must wait another {} seconds to use another Mindwipe Tonic" 
            "Message_Color":{        //Color of the notification shown for this item (while on cooldown) in normal RGB 255 format.
                "Red": 255,
                "Green": 0,
                "Blue": 0
            "Item_Name": "Narcoberry",                //Same as above, just serves for illustration of adding multiple items to the list.
            "Item_Interval_hours": 0,
            "Item_Interval_minutes": 0,
            "Item_Interval_seconds": 10,
            "CoolDown_Ignore_Permission": "NoNarcyberryCD",
                "Size": 1.8,
                "Display_Time_Seconds": 5.0,
                "Interval_Seconds": 2.0,
                "Message_You_Must_Wait_Hours": "You must wait another {} hours {} minutes to eat another Narcoberry",
                "Message_You_Must_Wait_Minutes": "You must wait another {} minutes {} seconds to eat another Narcoberry",
                "Message_You_Must_Wait_Seconds": "You must wait another {} seconds to eat another Narcoberry" 
                "Red": 0,
                "Green": 255,
                "Blue": 255

Console Commands:
  • cheat AIC.Reload - Reloads config file.
RCON Commands:
  • AIC.Reload - Reloads config file.

Purchase Info:
After payment join my Discord via "Get Support" button (top right), and send me your hwid. The plugin will print it in console when not authorized.
Please give me at least 1-24 hours to setup hwid info. No new DLL is needed.
This purchase comes with basic support if needed.

Hwid Info:
- Each license represents a physical machine, so 6 ark servers running on one machine would only need 1 licence, Additional licensee's are required when using multiple physical servers.
- Are you moving server host/upgrading hardware and worried about the hwid? Not a problem send me a pm, here or on discord, with the new hwid and I will have it updated. In most cases within the hour, but it can take up to 24 hours depending upon my availability at that moment.

For questions or more information join my Discord via this link:
(This is a temporary link, and unless assigned a role, you automatically leave server when you go offline on discord.)
Digital product
License duration
1 Years
12.99 EUR
Renewal price
6.00 EUR
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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