Advanced Chat

Advanced Chat 5.7

No permission to buy ($30.00)
I used this plugin a long time ago, this needs updates and improvements! i believe OwnProx can make it good again!
I love this mod. It makes the servers look great. Anyone else besides me having troubles with cross-chatting over 2 different IP addresses? I'm not sure if the plugin supports it.
Why is the chat bubble color code displayed?

How to modify it?
Hello, my email is [email protected] I have paid for the purchase. What can I do next?
Hello, I want to know if this plugin supports Chinese
Best ARK API ever
I am really satisfied. But there is a minor problem.
Server received, But no response!!
Server received, But no response!!
Server received, But no response!!

RCON continues to output the above message. Is there any way to solve this problem?
yeah i posted a temp patch that removes that for now till i fix it check discord.
I want to purchase a plugin
Where is the buy button?
reviews are relevant to the plugin itself also if you read the first few lines in description you would know what to do,
Excellent support, configurations, and plugin. Does everything shown and comes with lots of helpful resources like the color picker, discord integration help, and icons list. Highly recommended!
Have been using it since day one, Has been working perfectly and as many say since recent 10-15 updates it has been completely stable and working smooth.
I've since purchased this plugin and am pretty floored by how active OwnProx has been with keeping it updated. Since I've joined they have fixed a ton of issues and I can confidently say the colored text and server names work fantastic and the new game port method for cross server chat is very smooth. In-game chat relays to discord chat well. All in all, no real issues at this time, definitely worth it.
This plugin was good for a time but it had some issues that never really seemed to get fixed. In the beginning support was pretty good but it slowly got worse when issues arose to the point of getting no responses or acknowledgement. In all honesty look at the Discord Integrator for Wooly.
Another awesome plugin. Had some difficulty getting it setup until ver 3.9. Other than that, great job OwnProx!
Das Kaufen hat einige Zeit gedauert^^ Aber es hat sich Definitiv gelohnt! Am ersten Tag hatte ich Probleme mit dem Plugin aber habe sofort Support von @OwnProx bekommen! Er fixt auch sehr sehr Schnell Bugs. Einen Riesen Dank für diese Tolle Plugin! :)
Was able to follow the instructions that are here on the overview page and purchase this plugin from ownprox. He has a life! He also happens to make the best API plugins on this site. Thanks Again OwnProx.
Been using this plugin for many months across multiple servers without any issues, nice plugin that does what it says and makes the boring ark chat look much better!!! 5/5
Using this on 4 of our servers, absolutely Perfect! Thank you OwnProx!
Total control over the chat, now includes cross server support which is awesome!
Using this on 4 of our servers, absolutely love it! Thank you OwnProx!!!