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Advanced Chat 5.7

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Advanced Chat

-How to buy:
if you would like to purchase this please pm me or leave a message at my profile (Click Here) the forum buy now button is bugged.


Cross Chat:

Website Widget:

Discord WebHook:

Hwid Info:
Each license represents a physical machine, so if you have a 64 gb ram dedicated server with 6 ark servers running you only need to purchase 1 licence, Additional licensee's are required when using multiple physical hardware

Are you Moving Host ?
Not a problem send me a pm with the new hwid and I will have it updated, Most times within the hour but in some cases can take up to 24 hours depending on my availability.

  • Coloured Message based on permissions you can set colours to global, tribe and alliance (please refer to Permissions setup Plugin below)
  • Coloured Message based on steamid (has a command so you can change your colour during play time also has cooldowns /msgcolour)
  • Custom icon (must be a icon already in game url to a list of most provided below)
  • Discord Support post ingame chat messages to discord channels 4 web hook urls available (local & global, admin, tribe, ally) you can choose which ones you want enabled
  • Discord Bot !players command
  • Discord Bot Relay discord messages to ingame chat
  • Cross Server chat is achieved using no third party applications and is 100% stable
  • Cross Server Chat Via Sockets (recommended method, far superior to other cross chats using database's due to the fact there is no i/o operations and its better than rcon implementation ark has)
  • Cross Server Chat Via Rcon (includes colours, icons ect across your servers)
  • Cross Server Chat Include Tribe name option
  • Cross Server Chat Include map name option
  • Cross Server Chat Map Name Override option
  • Cross Server Chat is able to have a different colour map name in the users message
  • Cross Server Chat Supports Global chat, Tags, Message Colours and Icons
  • Permission Caching (for less sql calls and much better perf)
  • Optional Instanced config files for servers using 1 set of dedicated server files for all servers
  • Name Tags
  • Using Permissions plugin you can make new permissions with specific colours for vips / donators on your server
  • Option to override game default chat icon & colours (Global, Tribe, Local, Alley)
  • Working Emoji's
  • Website ingame ark chat widget
  • Website widget fully configurable from size to looks
  • Website widget automatically fetch's the data using rcon
  • Website widget caches the data for x amount of seconds to prevent lagg
  • Website widget will get users name / chat colour from ingame and display in that colour
  • Website widget auto scrolls to bottom of chatbox
  • Website widget has working smileys

Hello and welcome to Advanced chat this plugin allows you to make custom chat groups and specify a message colour, tag and even icon for the people you add to the group it works using the permissions plugin so add the permissions plugin then create a permission then grant that permission then edit Advanced chat Config.json add your new permission setup the colours and start adding players to it and your good to go.

Config Overview (Don't use as a actual config it will cause syntax errors because of the explanations):

Permissions Setup Plugin:

To use permissions in Advanced chat you need to add this plugin and create the permissions you need in the plugin then in the config of Advanced chat you need to place the permission name you created to add a specific colour to it below some example configs exist by default all Admins are added to Admins Permission

-Permission Example (Needed when adding new permissions)
First to add a VIP Colour do this one time below
cheat Permissions.AddGroup VIP
cheat Permissions.Grant VIP VIP

Then each player you add do this
Permissions.Add <SteamID> VIP

<SteamID> can be obtained at showmyadminmanager and simply click on a player then click a command click execute then click copy steam id and it will put it in the text box click in there press ctrl + a then press ctrl + c then close the admin manager and open the console type cheat Permissions.add then press c + v then type VIP then it should look like this cheat Permissions.add 745654747764743 VIP

Discord Bot Setup:

Purchase Info:
After payment please give me at least 1-48 hours to deliver the plugin and setup hwid info download link, This purchase comes with basic support if needed.

Colours Configuration:
to convert hex or rgb to a float colour go here:
and that's how it would look in config the 1.0 at the end is alpha so 0.5 would be half transparent

-Commands for Advanced Chat
Rcon: acreload

-Commands for CustomColouredPlayers array (these are not for permission based colours):
/msgcolour <R> <G> <B> <A>
/msgcolour <R> <G> <B>
/msgcolour #42b3f4

Website Widget:
If your some what familiar with php i have created a widget that you can include by a simple include / iframe in a already existing website or forum

Config Information:
  • DiscordWebHookURL - this is where you put the url of your discord webhook that you created in your discord server setting also once you added this set DiscordUseWebHooks to true
  • ChangeDefaultChatColours - setting this to true will apply LocalChatColour, GlobalChatColour, TribeChatColour, AllianceChatColour for every default member in local / global / tribe / alliance chat
  • PermissionColours this is a array full of permission elements
  • Permission is the name of the permission you made in the permissions plugin
  • ImagePath can be set to a ingame existing image if you dont want to apply a new image over admin / player set it to this "ImagePath":"",
  • Tag this is a tag that can be placed in front of a specific permission group name if you dont want one set it to "Tag":""
  • CustomColouredPlayers - this is a array of players by steam id these players will be able to use the name & message colour change command meaning they will be able to use what ever colour they want if you don't want this use permission based colours
  • ChatMsgColourCommand - the in game chat command used by players to change there message colour when not using permission based colours
  • ChatNameColourCommand - the in game chat command used by players to change there name colour when not using permission based colours

Image Icons (ImagePath):

Cross Server Chat using new sockets method Example:
once purchased and downloaded checkout the example in AdvancedChat/CrossChat Setup Example/ and read the Read Me

Cross Server Chat using Rcon Example:
You must create a CrossChatKey this must be the same in every server you want to include in the list,
You must use rcon ports and have rcon enabled
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