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    Wild dino levels

    Dont pay for anything from this bloke. Last plugin I paid for, which i bought 3 copies, is not supported anymore, infact, i cant even download the plugin anymore
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    Server Status

    A status
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    Server Status

    I would like a plugin that will report the individual status of servers back to discord. ASM has this feature ie Discord Channel Named Ragnarok status - Server Online Discord Channel Named Island - Server Online
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    ArkShop Editing Tool[Discontinued]

    /bows thank you could you please delete the json, as i left my password in there... idiot i am
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    ArkShop Editing Tool[Discontinued]

    the json works for the shop plugin.
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    ArkShop Editing Tool[Discontinued]

    when i import my config into the editor, it gives me an error, if it take out the kits it will work. this type of kit "Taming": { "DefaultAmount": 0, "Price": 5000, "Description": "Explosive Kit", "Items": [...
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    ArkShop Editing Tool[Discontinued]

    Hi, is it possible to get this to work with advanced kits that are in the existing config?
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    you can install ark api from the mod list, there 2 api there are the shop, and the main ark api. you then ftp the plugins into the directory /shootergame/binaries/win64/arkapi/plugins. You can add your shop config there etc. Send a ticket if you get into strife
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    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    Yoter, it seems to work if you have it the way you had it before ie "seedbean": { "Type": "item", "Description": "Bean Seed", "Price": 100, "Items": [{ "Quality": 0, "ForceBlueprint": false...
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    did you type cheat first?
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    the top part should look like this { "Mysql":{ "UseMysql":false, "MysqlHost":"localhost", "MysqlUser":"apitest", "MysqlPass":"12345", "MysqlDB":"apitest" }, "General":{ "TimedPointsReward":{ "Enabled": true, "Interval": 5...
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    Discord Integrator

    and you prove yourself more and more of helpful person
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    crash on start

    can somebody tell me what this error is and how to fix it. its from the log, and server is crashing 03/20/19 15:14 [API][warning] (API::PluginManager::ReadPluginInfo) [json.exception.type_error.306] cannot use value() with array 03/20/19 15:14 [API][warning]...
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    All Engrams

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    thanks PapaArkz, i cant believe what i did, i have been doing this along time now, and i used the wrong frigging file when merging the data... (it helps to show others)