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    Question How can I find a chat plugin compatible with the latest API version

    I was simply just answering his question. I use woolys discord integrator and I know its working with latest api.
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    Solved Free ArkShopUI Coming

    Can't do a UI without a plugin.
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    Ark Permissions

    Did it work?
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    Ark Permissions

    What is default? 5, 20 or 60? Cause there is 3 different numbers I see.
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    Ark Permissions

    Changed ClusterSyncTime to be Seconds instead of Minutes (Minimum value 20s). What does this do exactly and what is a good number to use for a very large player database?
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    Do your players use this a lot to escape pvp or if they were about to die? Or get out of Boss fights? etc? I think a cooldown would be a very good idea.
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    Is there a delay between use?
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    [Discord Bot] ARKFUN | ArkShop Points gambling | Jackpot, roll the dice [Deleted]

    Highly recommend this discord bot. Worth every penny and definitely makes your discord a lot more fun and thriving. Very well coded and haven't had a single hiccup.
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    Rejected Save World

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    Mutes & Blacklist & IP Ban

    @OwnProx Any luck with using Steam IDs via rcon?
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    Solved My server is just way too complicated

    glad it worked out
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    Solved My server is just way too complicated

    Are you using any custom plugins? Mods? Also, what version is your api?
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    Solved My server is just way too complicated

    Yes Sir I did update all.