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    Weird one, can't find any topics on it, with Permissions...

    So I did exactly what you suggested, was able to make a little progress... But it's not adding anyone automatically to the Default group at all. Me and another admin are in both Default and Admins, and I manually added another to a different group, but no one is being added, and more often than...
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    I have a problem with the Permissions plugin

    Tried that, didn't work.
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    Weird one, can't find any topics on it, with Permissions...

    So I set up the MySQL database, got it to create and store tables without a hitch. Works across all servers in my cluster. Terrific. However, when I try to add a player via steam id to any of the groups, it simply says Player or Group does not exist. Well we know the group does, it'll list them...
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    Problem with Permissions Ark server

    Having the same issue, ever get it fixed? I know it has to do with setting up a schema or table on MySQL, but sadly, I'm illiterate on that. Guess I'll be watching some youtube videos on it.
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    New shop

    Did you get a reply from anyone on this? No one seems to want our money. lol
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    Shop with a nice UI???

    I've been searching everywhere for an in-game shop that can connect to a database, I don't like the text-based ones I've seen, and the UI ones I've seen are either unsupported any longer, or impossible to get up with the author to buy. Anyone have any work done on this? I'm well aware it won't...