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    Smooth Transfer

    This doesnt work as workaround for too many engrams correct? :( We always getting the "buffering overflow" error while traveling between our servers, because we learn automaticly ALL engrams (But we want this) So we have to drink mindwipe or just rejoining. Both are not the best way :(
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    Working Auto Engrams-Plugin

    Okay ty, solved my problem i think so :D
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    Engram Unlocker

    This Plugin worked fine. But right now some players getting all engrams on lower level. I think its more than a major bug. EDIT: Ill try to find a way to reproduce this bug. Maybe you can fix it faster then :)
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    Working Auto Engrams-Plugin

    We are highly intested in a completely working auto engrams plugin. We already tested both of them form this Forum but both got somany negativ aspects.... "Auto Engrams" let learn our players ALL engrams on level30... why ever. And i cant reach the dev. "AllEngrams" working fine- if weplay with...