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    EU SpaceARK x10 [Start February 12][SmallTribes]

    Welcome to the SpaceARK x10 Game Difficulty: 5 (150 WildDinoLevel) PlayerLevel: 105 (+Bosses) TribeLimit: 8 Player XP: 5 CaveBuild: Allowed Harvesting: 10 Taming: 15 TurretLimit: 100 Mating: 15 Saddle/Gun/Armor: Official Cap Alliance: Disabled PvP: Balanced MODs: 1. HG Stacking 2. ARKADE A+ 3...
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    SpaceARK X10

    Welcome to the SpaceARK x10 Rates: Harvesting: 10 Taming: 15 Tribe limit: 8 TurretLimi:100 Alliance: Disable Player and dino Health: Balanced XP multiplier: 5 Breeding: Nanny and hatchery Cluster maps: -TheIsland -TheCenter -Ragnarok -Extinction -CrystalIsles -Aberration -Genesis Coming SOON...
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    EU RawARK PvP CrossPlay /x10

    Server IP: ARK server info: Join: steam://connect/ Settings: -10x -Full PvP Old Game Style -Disable Dinos: Giga, Titano, Tuso
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    RawARK Deathmatch

    🥩RawARK Deathmatch! 🥩 Map/Mod: Schneeti's Team Deathmatch 🥩 Ip: 🥩 Online Admins! 🥩 steam://connect/ 🥩 Discord more information:
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    Deathmatch Server!

    🐲 RawARK Deathmatch Server Full PvP! 🐲 Map:/Mod: Schneeti's Team Deathmatch 🐲 Ip: 🐲 steam://connect/