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    Cross Server Chat

    is there any change with version 3.53 api ?
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    Command Logger

    hey mate /cheat is still not logging to the discord fyi
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    Ark Permissions

    didnt understand could you explain more ?
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    Ark Permissions

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    Ark Permissions

    why the records duplicating? why same id's million times ? its the latest api
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    Tribe Log Relay

    how to download 2.12 ?
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    is it possible to disable breeding for some specific species ?
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    how engram and command combined together?
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    Extended RCON

    can you add auto-decay structures timer reset option?
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    how to add unlock engrams into a kit?
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    Ark Permissions

    same steamid some are 10 some are 4 lots of duplicated same steamid on the table
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    Ark Permissions

    why steamids on the db are lots of ?
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    Ark Permissions

    there are lots of duplicated steamids in the db why this happens? its making on gen2 map and db file is in own its folder not seperated.
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    Structures Limit

    will you add permisson groups per structure limit?
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    Server Events

    hi does it require PvP mode enabled for setting Arena settings? can it handle PVP on PVE servers too ?