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    ConfigSync 1.2

    i dont use ASM i changed to tcadmin and never regretted it - servers used to always crash and other things
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    ConfigSync 1.2

    Good job - maybe a suggestion to add the same for ini files such as game.ini
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    RAM high on Crystal Isles API v3.52

    this is my servers lol only thing i see diff other than ram is yours are PvE and mine are PvPvE
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    RAM high on Crystal Isles API v3.52

    For me crystal is always 6gb+ your memory seems very low ? How do you get such low memory usage? The lowest for me is island at around 3.5gb
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    Dino Tracker

    With default config the coords are all saying-0.1 -0.1 is this a bug or ?
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    Kals CrossChat with Discord & Tribes

    cant seem to get the icons to show ingame im i missing something? my group is set to Admins but yet nothing shows also a suggestion to add a discord command like /players or !players to send a message in the channel with the current online players and names if possible
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    Anti Cannon Raid

    zip file is broken?
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    |HWID Bans| |IP Bans| |Anti VPN| |Timed Bans| |Region Lock| |Anti Alt Account| MOD + Plugin

    Looks an intresting plugin - suggestion to add a whitelist option and/or to ignore admins might be a good idea
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    [Event] DeathMatch

    possbile bug ? when one of my players entered the dm it changed his riot leggings to a bp and then it crashed the server like 10-15seconds later
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    Anti-Cheat (DISABLED) [Deleted]

    has it been extensively tested? i like the tp idea so im going to watch this and perhaps next week ill buy it
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    Dino Passive Protection

    possible bug? When dinos are passive protected and then whistled neurtral they can not be attacked as it says they are still protected?
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    is there a way to reload config?
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    if i used sqlite before and then change it to mysql will it auto import the old data to the mysql from sqlite?