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    Solved Request permission to post plugins

    Hey there, I have a couple of free plugins I'd like to post, but apparently I need to request permission from someone. If any staff are there could someone please tell me how to go about requesting permission? Many thanks.
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    Question UE4 Coords to GPS Coords with API

    Does anyone have a working example of acurately converting UE4 Coords to GPS coords with the API? In the dev kit we use scale and origin values which are available with each map, but I have no idea how to find these with the api.
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    Performance Logger

    I think this plugin is causing the main server thread to stall completely if the connection to discord fails. Can I ask, do you run the discord-posting functionality on the main thread, and also, do you handle timeouts correctly? We set the plugin to post every minute for testing, and the lag...
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any plans to allow the items to be stored in MySQL rather than JSON? Many thanks for a wonderful plugin :)
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    Question Communication with Ark Mod

    OK, that makes sense. Thanks @OwnProx :) I guess I'll have to make do with ScriptCommands :) I wonder if one day someone could make a plugin system for the dev kit itself that would let us add functionality to it as well. There are so many things I've love to be able add.
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    Question Communication with Ark Mod

    Thank you so much for the reply OwnProx :) Yes I've seen it done with ScriptCommand, but I was hoping to find a better, more reliable, more efficient way. ScriptCommands in mods can sometimes be ignored in mods, which isn't ideal, and it would be nice to be able to pass natural datatypes other...
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    Question Communication with Ark Mod

    I'm working on a idea my mod where some communication between a plugin and the mod would be useful. I'm wondering if one of the experts here could offer some advice. I'd like for my plugin to be able to access a string array in a simple Actor spawned somewhere by the mod, who's parent class is...
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    Finding & Creating a simple hook

    Hi @OwnProx . Thanks so much for the brilliant guide. I'm just trying to use the Auto Hook Generator but get the following when clicking on the link:
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    PVP Scheduler

    I think the config options for this plugin, or perhaps the description of them, is a little confusing. It's not entirely clear what is being enabled between the start and end times in the config file. Is PVP being enabled between these times, or is it PVE? With the "ProtectPlayers"...
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    Thanks so much for the wonderful plugin. We're having a small issue on our server. On rare occasions, when teleporting to their previously saved locations, players are teleported to random areas far outside the playable parts of the map and are instant-killed by the server. This has happened to...
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    Hello, and thanks for all your wonderful work with these plugins. I'm getting the following message on system load. I'm wondering if you might know what it means? [API][warning] (API::PluginManager::LoadAllPlugins) Failed to load plugin - Teleport Error code: 1114 Thanks again.
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    Atlas Server Manager (Discontinued Source available)

    Regardless, the fact remains that the method of detecting an update by using steamcmd is definitely broken. It does not detect an update when it is released. I have confirmed this on multiple platforms and with other developers. You can see it for yourself. As of the time I write this reply...
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    Atlas Server Manager (Discontinued Source available)

    @OwnProx It's a horrible hack, but I've added a small function to my version to scrape the above steamdb html page to get the correct available version, and it seems to be working fine. It just detected and applied the most recent update that was release a few minutes ago. It's terrible I know...
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    Cross Server Chat

    Hi All, I'm getting the messages on startup: [RconCrossServerChat][error] Config Read Error: Unknown exception [RconCrossServerChat][error] Plugin Disabled please add a CrossChatKey I've added a "CrossChatKey" to the json file, although I'm not exactly sure what it's mean to be. I've tried...