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    All Engrams

    Some people say they dont have permission. Config is all correct and i used "cheat Permissions.Grant Default AllEngrams.GiveEngrams"
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    [GamingOGs] Trivia

    I've used this plugin for the past year, and it works wonderfully. The developers are very responsive aswell. If there is any issues they will help the best they can - Highly recommended!
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    {Steam}PvP 6Man Cluster Lauched 9/18! 10x Taming/Harvest/XP 10x Breed!

    Welcome to EvolutionArk! We are running it on a Ryzen9 3900x 12 core Processor, 128gb DDR4 3600mhz Ram and 2x 1TB NvME SSD's for the best performance possible! Server is paid for and hosted locally, so you will never have to worry about it randomly disappearing! No pay 2 win! Only donation...
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    Discord Link Kick Ingame Feature

    looking for someone to create a plugin 1. Link ingame account (steam ID) to a bot on discord. 2. Go into a selected discord server and do /kickme (discord will have your steam id saved via the bot) and it will attempt to kick your character off the map (Player Already Connected) Thanks in...
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    Tribe Log Relay

    Thanks that will be awesome.
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    Tribe Log Relay

    I would like to request changing how the @everyone's are handled. Like structure deaths, player/dino deaths, unclaims, demolished and uploads/freezes would be good. But downloading a dino, unfreezing a dino, taming a dino I dont believe are needed to be mentioned with a @everyone. Granted theres...
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    Block certain dino uploads/downloads.

    I was wondering if its possible to block certain dinos from being upload/downloaded on certain maps? I know MAGA plugin has Ext titans blocked on upload if set. Just wondering if its possible for other dinos. And if so can we make it so we can add our own dino bp path so its user friendly?
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    Dino Colour Command

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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Issue is here: "vip": { "Amount": 20 }, } }, It should be: "vip": { "Amount": 20 } } },
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    Dino Colour Command

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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Been getting this a lot lately. Any help?